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universityu‧ni‧ver‧si‧ty /ˌjuːnəˈvɜːsəti◂ $ -ɜːr-/ ●●● S2 W1 noun (plural universities) [countable, uncountable] SECan educational institution at the highest level, where you study for a degreeat a university She’s at Cambridge of the University of TexasCOLLOCATIONSverbsgo to universityHer daughter was about to go to at university British EnglishWe were at university (something) at a universityShe studied law at Edinburgh University.apply for universityI applied for university without any real idea of what I wanted to do.start university (also enter university formal)Some people take a year off before they start university.leave universityStudents often find work soon after leaving university.graduate from university (=leave after getting a degree)She graduated from Liverpool University in 2006. drop out of university (=leave before finishing your course)He dropped out of university in order to join a rock + NOUNa university courseHe studied history at school and was now planning to take a university course.a university studentThirty years ago 33% of university students were female.a university graduate (=someone who has completed a university course)She is a university graduate who speaks three languages.a university lecturer/professorHer father was a university lecturer and her mother a teacher.a university degreeHe was a qualified engineer with a university degree.a university educationI did not have the advantage of a university education.a university departmentone of the oldest university departments in the countrythe university campus (=the area of land containing the main buildings of a university)There were violent protests on university campuses. THESAURUSuniversity a place where you can study a subject at a high level to get a degreeHarvard UniversityAbout a third of the pupils go on to in Britain, a place where you can study after you finish secondary school, especially to train for a job. In the US, a place where you can study and get a bachelor’s degreeShe’s at teacher training college.the Royal College of MusicWhere did you go to college?community college (also junior college) American English a school that students can go to for two years in order to learn a skill or prepare for universityCommunity colleges can provide job-specific training.graduate school a college or university where you can study for a master’s degree or a doctorate, after receiving your first degreeI taught for a few years, and then went back to graduate school.
Examples from the Corpus
universityOf the 34 universities contacted only 17 were able to supply the appropriate information requested.The first one was written by a university senior applying for a graduate trainee position with a bank.In 1986 32% of Saudi Arabian university professors were women.Both my sisters are at university.Baker also plans schemes that help industry to exploit technologies developed by universities.For instance, many colleges, universities and government agencies store on-line information using a system called gopher.The allegations were confirmed in an internal university audit dated May 1996, according to a Wall Street Journal story last year.Most universities have some review committee that requires a statement from the researcher that adequate protection will be guaranteed for all respondents.In the hospital and in the university, I watched the dying and the dead.the University of ChicagoShe wants to go to university to study biology.
Origin university (1300-1400) Old French université, from Medieval Latin universitas, from Late Latin, society, association, from Latin, the whole, from universus; UNIVERSE