From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunitu‧nit /ˈjuːnɪt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] 1 groupGROUP OF PEOPLE a group of people working together as part of a larger group The man is in the hospital’s intensive care unit.2 measuringTMMEASURE an amount of something used as a standard of measurementunit of The watt is a unit of electrical power.3 partPART a thing, person, or group that is regarded as one single whole part of something larger a Russian army unitunit of The family is the basic social unit of modern society.4 part of a bookSESTCN one of the numbered parts into which a textbook (=a book used in schools) is divided5 BBMAKEproduct technical a single complete product made by a company The factory’s output is now up to 150,000 units each month. 6 part of a machineMACHINE a piece of equipment which is part of a larger machinecontrol/display/filter etc unit7 furnitureDHF a piece of furniture, especially one that can be attached to others of the same type fitted kitchen units British English storage units8 apartment American EnglishDHH a single apartment in a larger building9 school/university American EnglishSE an amount of work that a student needs to do in order to complete a particular course10 numberHMN British English technical any whole number less than ten hundreds, tens, and units
Examples from the Corpus
unitHSBC Futures Inc. is a unit of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank.The asteroids all lie between 2.2 and 3.3 astronomical units from the sun.At unit head meetings, he had frequently felt as if he lived in a world far removed from the other directors.Funding has been approved for a 40-bed unit for the elderly at Aberdare General Hospital.It was a heroic effort to try to evaluate business units using some notion of market valuation.Hospital officials plan to use the donations to set up a new cardiac unit.One of the policemen from the drug unit will be visiting local schools.The Presario 1410 monitor, a 14-inch unit, will sell for $399.How many units do you need to graduate?Garrett is part of an elite military unit.It takes your body about an hour to burn up one unit of alcohol, such as half a pint of beer.Milk costs less per unit when purchased in gallon containers.Some police units were stationed nearby.A new psychiatric unit will be added to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.Many courts rubber stamp them and those children who like being in secure units may not press to leave.The basic social unit in ancient Germanic tribes was the clan.A fathom is the unit of measurement used in calculating sea depth.What's the unit of currency in India?Clients still have to pay for their vacations, which usually involve the use of unused timeshare units.intensive care unitFacilities will include an intensive care unit and an oiled bird cleaning facility.The second is, if there are to be intensive care units, what share of resources should they have?There is a 16-bed intensive care unit and two operating rooms that can also be expanded.A neonatal intensive care unit is, on this view, a good example of special treatment.The girl remains in serious but stable condition in the intensive care unit at Broward General Medical Center.He is in stable condition in the intensive care unit at Kaiser Medical Center in Vallejo.I had seen two of them in the intensive care unit during my tour.Following penicillin and cefotaxime administration he was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he made a complete recovery.unit ofThe watt is a unit of electrical power.army unitFighting broke out between army units.Along the eastern seaboard, army units were moved from northern states into the South to prevent suspected insurrection.Tanks and small army units moved into position in front of key government and communications buildings in Algiers and other towns.In a confused situation, the demonstrators also apparently set upon army units dispatched to the radio station to arrest the mutineers.control/display/filter etc unitThese can be spooled in or out by the divers, from a control unit.Segregation and control units have been used for difficult prisoners, especially in women's prisons.The environmental control unit was a squat concrete abutment with metal slotted vents.The supervisor has a similar control unit on the surface for emergencies.A waveform analyser processes the voltage signals and returns Position detector pulses to the control unit at the required Positions.Three different kinds of pager can be used, each functioning somewhat differently, though all are contacted via the control unit.They guide the driver through towns using a dash top display unit and an electronic voice.Today's forward thinking manufacturers are already offering systems which include self-washing filter units and energy efficient airflow patterns.storage unitsAs well as fitted storage units, there is a wide range of freestanding furniture, modular units and shelving on the market.During the summer off-peak months a proportion of gas is fed into storage units above and below ground.
From King Business Dictionaryunitu‧nit /ˈjuːnɪt/ noun [countable]1a single complete product made by a companyOutput is now up to 150,000 units each month.The unit cost (=cost to make one unit) of the computer system comprised about 80% materials, 15% overheads and 5% labour.Unit sales (=number of units sold) of watches climbed about 35% last year.2a company, organization, or group that is part of a larger company, organization, or groupThe computer maker agreed to sell its Network Services unit.unit ofthe fiber optics business unit of Tyco ElectronicsShe works in the production unit. bargaining unit decision-making unit strategic business unit3an amount or quantity of something used as a standard of measurementunit ofThe dollar is the basic unit of currency in the US. emissions unit4FINANCE a single share in a UNIT TRUSTThe company is splitting its 5p nominal shares into units of 2.5p to increase their marketability accumulation unit5PROPERTY a single building on an INDUSTRIAL ESTATEHe is renting a factory unit as a workshop.6a piece of machinery which is part of a larger machineThis is the control unit for the central heating. central processing unit storage unitOrigin unit (1500-1600) unity