Word family noun expectancy expectation adjective expectant expectedunexpected verb expect adverb expectantly unexpectedly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunexpectedun‧ex‧pect‧ed /ˌʌnɪkˈspektɪd◂/ ●●○ adjective SURPRISEDused to describe something that is surprising because you were not expecting it The experiment produced some unexpected results. Her death was totally unexpected. Hague’s announcement was not entirely unexpected.unexpectedly adverb His father died unexpectedly.
Examples from the Corpus
unexpectedBobby's decision to leave the band was totally unexpected.Her decision to leave was completely unexpected.And then something happens, something unexpected.Each of these ultra-familiar tunes came up sounding fresh and surprising, and the entire set consistently delighted us with the unexpected.A counterfeit marriage to her cousin, Gareth, places Delphi Carteret in unexpected danger.There have been unexpected delays on the freeway because of an accident.The last, and perhaps most troubling possibility for the stock market, would be an unexpected economic dive into recession.Without it I would not thrill to every unexpected occurrence, each seeming coincidence that has brought me closer to you.These invisible tabs, if not removed, are responsible for text mysteriously jumping to an unexpected position.The new drug comes from an unexpected source -- potatoes.This project had an unexpected spin-off effect for Ward's market in that wealthy agriculturalists became private patrons.The strategy for victory is always the unexpected strategy.Ella's angry outburst was so unexpected that Mike really didn't know what to say.He greeted me with unexpected warmth.not entirely unexpectedBut this was not entirely unexpected.Since that showed a degree of consistency in attitudes, it was not entirely unexpected.The amount and quality ofthe sculpture unearthed was not entirely unexpected.The news was not entirely unexpected.This omission was not entirely unexpected.