Word family noun disturbance adjective disturbedundisturbed disturbing verb disturb adverb disturbingly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishundisturbedun‧dis‧turbed /ˌʌndɪˈstɜːbd◂ $ -ɜːr-/ adjective 1 DISTURB#not interrupted or moved At last I was able to work undisturbed.be left/remain undisturbed The land is to be left undisturbed as a nature reserve.2 be undisturbed by something
Examples from the Corpus
undisturbedBut they did not venture into the hinterland, leaving the rebels there undisturbed.Near the upper west-facing slopes, I was surprised to find woods that seemed ancient and undisturbed.So, the artists' shell remains intact, the fusty public image undisturbed.The Museum's policy is that it is far better to leave such time-capsules undisturbed.Studies have shown that bighorns harassed by people feed less and are warier than sheep in undisturbed areas.A third took him into the garden where he looked at the neat undisturbed flower-beds.The tomb was left undisturbed for over 800 years.They prefer shallow, undisturbed water.be left/remain undisturbedThomson was left undisturbed at the Restoration, although he lost his place as a Trinity brother.Waltheof were left undisturbed, except for a few small bones, which were removed for relics.His body was brought back to Lindisfarne and was buried in the cathedral, where it was left undisturbed for eleven years.Scientists were satisfied with this figure, and the constant was left undisturbed until 1975.