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turbinetur‧bine /ˈtɜːbaɪn $ ˈtɜːrbən, -baɪn/ noun [countable] TPan engine or motor in which the pressure of a liquid or gas moves a special wheel around gas turbine, wind turbine
Examples from the Corpus
turbineIt revs like a turbine and sounds like a locomotive. it turns the skin on your arms to gooseflesh.In earlier times this had an overshot wheel, later replaced with a turbine.Tesla was obsessed by water wheels and turbines.That was the genesis of an idea that returned to him years later when he invented a smooth disc turbine without buckets.At operating speed there was no roaring, vibrating, or shaking, just a smooth whine from the turbine.The turbine whined familiarly and the rotors blurred above the cabin.The seasonal performance might be improved to some extent by using a wind turbine as the energy source.
Origin turbine (1800-1900) French Latin turbo fast spinning movement, whirlwind