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tunictu‧nic /ˈtjuːnɪk $ ˈtuː-/ noun [countable] 1 DCCa long loose piece of clothing, usually without sleeves, worn in the past2 a long loose women’s shirt, usually worn with trousers3 British EnglishDCC a specially shaped short coat worn by soldiers, police officers etc as part of a uniform
Examples from the Corpus
tunicBehind the big drum came the band of four musicians dressed in loose black tunics and black pillbox hats.Watching a youth in a blue tunic and spangles performing on the slack rope, he determined to attempt a similar feat.All of them were wearing brown cotton tunics because of a promise I had made on the very first day of construction.Why are there fleurs-de-lys on his tunic?Knee-length tunics, loose and thin, moved with each step.They would come back on leave and wear their scarlet tunics in the dale.The tunic was piped in branch-colour around the collar, deep cuffs, and down the front edge.
Origin tunic (1600-1700) Latin tunica