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tuitiontu‧i‧tion /tjuˈɪʃən $ tu-/ ●●○ noun [uncountable] 1 SETEACHteaching, especially in small groups I had to have extra tuition in maths.2 SE American English, tuition fees British English the money you pay for being taught When I started college, tuition was $350 a quarter.
Examples from the Corpus
tuitionTuition is $2,800 per year.Nina's parents paid for extra tuition to help her with her maths.After-hours individual tuition in a one-to-one personal interface situation.King, a divorcee, had to struggle to make tuition payments when her children were in private schools.Many students will not have to pay tuition fees if their financial situation is below a certain level.Computerworld offers personal tuition on the latest equipment.He has previously proposed tuition tax credits for students in community colleges.The proposal is popular among parents who are unhappy with public education but can not afford private school tuition.Many loan programs have failed to keep pace with skyrocketing tuition, said Dare.If you prefer doing it on horseback, there are stables in nearby Going where tuition is available.
From King Business Dictionarytuitiontu‧i‧tion /tjuˈɪʃəntu-/ noun [uncountable]1teaching, especially in small groupsTrainees have a week of intensive tuition at the management training centre.2American English the money you pay for being taughtBig tuition increases are due at public colleges and universities.Origin tuition (1400-1500) Old French tuicion, from Latin, from tueri to look at, look after