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tubtub /tʌb/ ●○○ noun [countable] 1 container a) DFa small container made of paper or plastic with a lid, in which food is bought or storedtub of a tub of ice cream a margarine tub b) DHan open container that is usually round, used for washing, storing things in etc trees growing in tubs2 amount (also tubful)AMOUNT the amount of liquid, food etc that a tub can containtub of We ate a tub of ice cream.3 bath American EnglishDHH a large container in which you sit to wash yourself SYN bathtub I had a long soak in the tub.4 boat British English informalTTW an old boat that travels slowly5 tub of lard
Examples from the Corpus
tubBig Lil was a tub of a woman.a tub of popcornAn old bath tub for this purpose is invaluable.Some sparrows invaded that privacy, crossing from parapet rail to chair to flower tub.They boiled laundry in tubs, scrubbed it on washboards until knuckles were raw, and wrung it out by hand.a plastic tub full of dirty dishesShe went from the tub to the sink and back again.I'm going to go get in the tub.You give her the soap, chattering merrily as Dame Martha goes behind the screen back into the tub.He held on to the sides of the tub and let his legs float gently to the surface.
Origin tub (1300-1400) Middle Dutch tubbe