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troupetroupe /truːp/ noun [countable] APa group of singers, actors, dancers etc who work together
Examples from the Corpus
troupeIn its 1964 season in London, the Ailey troupe performed at the Shaftesbury Theatre seven shows a week for six weeks.The following Sunday, however, Barnes suddenly found himself contemplating the demise of the Ailey troupe.All his favourite soloists appeared, many fronting his best troupes.A Chechenlanguage theater and national Vaikakhk dance troupe began work.John faced a continual turnover with his juvenile troupes.The all-male strip troupe are being checked out by the Office of Fair Trading after a rival group complained about unfair practices.The big world of geopolitics, where the truth about Lockerbie probably lies, demands the presence of the troupe elsewhere.
Origin troupe (1800-1900) French Late Latin troppus group of sheep