From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrinitytrin‧i‧ty /ˈtrɪnəti/ noun the Trinity
Examples from the Corpus
trinityThey look at each other in mutual love and self-giving, a trinity yet together revealing the unity of the Godhead.He saw that they celebrated nature as a living, breathing trinity.Instead, they recognized an interlocking trinity of types: animal, human, divine.Indeed, the inter-connections of this penal trinity of population, capacity and conditions form the heart of the reform quagmire.The divinity of the second person of the trinity is then understood with reference to the other two persons of the trinity.We were the most unholy trinity on the face of the earth, or else the most holy.
Trinity, thethe TrinityTrinity, the (also the Holy Trinity) in the Christian religion, the name given to the three forms of God – the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit – which are all part of the same one GodOrigin trinity (1200-1300) Old French trinité, from Latin trinitas, from trinus existing as three