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ldoce_340_jtreetree /triː/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 tree.jpg HBPa very tall plant that has branches and leaves, and lives for many years As a kid, I loved to climb trees.a cherry/peach/apple etc tree We planted a peach tree in the backyard. the trunk of an old oak tree (=the main central part, from which the branches grow)2 PICTUREa drawing that connects things with lines to show how they are related to each other family tree top of the tree at top1(3), → it doesn’t grow on trees at grow(7), → be up a gum tree at gum tree(2)THESAURUStypes of treeevergreen adjective an evergreen tree does not lose its leaves in winterEnglish ivy is evergreen and grows even during the winter.deciduous adjective a deciduous tree loses its leaves in winterThe oak is deciduous, but loses its leaves late in the year.conifer noun [countable] a tree such as a pine or fir that has leaves like needles and produces cones containing seedsThe owners have planted conifers along the fence in order to reduce the traffic noise.a dwarf coniferfruit tree noun [countable] a tree that produces fruit that can be eatenFruit trees such as apples and pears can be pruned during the winter months.sapling noun [countable] a young treeIt's best to buy young saplings rather than fully-grown trees.areas of treescopse noun [countable] a small group of treesa small copse of fir trees woodland noun [uncountable] land covered with treesthe maintenance of ancient woodlandwoodland areaswood noun [countable] (also woods) a large area with many treesWe went for a walk in the woods.forest noun [countable, uncountable] a very large area with a lot of trees growing closely togetherpine forestsThey worked as tree planters in the forests of Washington State.The forest fire was started by a discarded cigarette.rainforest noun [countable, uncountable] a tropical forest with tall trees, in an area where it rains a lotthe Amazon rainforest12 million acres of rainforest have been destroyed.jungle noun [countable, uncountable] a tropical forest with trees and large plantsThe wreckage of the plane was found in dense jungle.a remote jungle areamaterial from treeswood noun [countable, uncountable] the usual word for the hard material that trees are made ofThey were chopping wood for the fire.The doors are made of solid wood.wood flooringtimber British English, lumber American English noun [uncountable] wood used for building and making thingsa timber companysoftwood lumberhardwood noun [countable, uncountable] strong heavy wood from trees such as oakhardwood floorshardwoods such as teaksoftwood noun [countable, uncountable] wood from trees such as pine and fir that is cheap and easy to cutMost tables are made from softwood.firewood noun [uncountable] wood that has been cut or collected in order to be burned in a fireThey collected branches that could be used for firewood.
Examples from the Corpus
treeHe was tall and thick as a tree.Their motel was off from the main thoroughfare, protected by trees and woodsy seclusion.It's a beautiful park, with a pond and large trees.The pressure on trees differs between regions.Lightning or high winds can knock branches or whole trees on to power lines, cutting the electricity to an entire neighborhood.a cherry/peach/apple etc treeThey had to save themselves so they left her on a cherry tree.
Origin tree Old English treow