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treatytreat‧y /ˈtriːti/ ●●○ W3 noun (plural treaties) [countable]PGAGREE a formal written agreement between two or more countries or governments Both sides have agreed to sign the treaty. The peace treaty ends nearly four years of violence.treaty on a treaty on political unionCOLLOCATIONSverbssign a treatyIndia refused to sign the treaty.conclude a treaty formal (=successfully finish arranging it)In 1875 Japan and Russia concluded a treaty.negotiate a treaty (=discuss the conditions of a treaty with other people in order to reach an agreement)He was instructed to negotiate a treaty with Siam.ratify a treaty (=make it official by signing it or accepting it)The Government cannot ratify the treaty without Parliament’s consent.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + treatya peace treatyJordan signed a peace treaty with Israel.a draft treaty (=one that has been written but not yet signed)The committee produced a draft treaty on arms extradition treaty (=one which says that people can be brought back to a country for trial)The United States has had an extradition treaty with Mexico since international treatyThe US refused to sign any international treaty on cutting carbon emissions.a bilateral treaty (=one signed by two countries)Uzbekistan and Russia signed a bilateral treaty of friendship.the Versailles/Maastricht etc treaty (=a treaty signed in a particular city)Britain’s ratification of the Maastricht treaty looked set for further delay.phrasesthe terms/provisions of a treatyUnder the terms of the treaty, the two sides agreed to a ceasefire.the treaty of Versailles/Rome etc (=a treaty signed in a particular city)Restrictive trading agreements are prohibited by the Treaty of Rome.
Examples from the Corpus
treatySome countries are still refusing to sign a treaty banning chemical weapons.The Soviet Union and the U.S. signed a treaty reducing long-range missiles.Pages 37831-35 include extracts from the key treaties on unification.After months of negotiations, he eventually persuaded them to sign a peace treaty.This justifies any discrepancy with the rigid treaty rule in favour of extending the rights and obligations under the treaties.Important as that fact was, it had little effect on Chinauntil later, when one-sided treaties began to be imposed.One analysis is that a party to the Protocol has agreed to accept some treaty obligations.There are no provisions in the treaty that would exclude them from taking part in it.Mr Hurd said the amendment would have no effect and that the Government would ratify the treaty anyway.Few of the people we asked either understood the treaty or favoured a ballot.The treaties covered bilateral protection and promotion of investments, penal cooperation, cultural exchanges and customs cooperation, officials said.The Treaty of Versailles ended the First World War.
From King Business Dictionarytreatytreat‧y /ˈtriːti/ noun (plural treaties) [countable]1a formal agreement between two countries or governmentsThe US-Taiwantrade treaty is still valid, despite the ending of diplomatic ties. commercial treaty2LAW a formal agreement between two people or companiesSYNCONTRACT private treatyOrigin treaty (1300-1400) Old French traité, from Latin tractatus; TRACT