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treasurytrea‧su‧ry /ˈtreʒəri/ noun (plural treasuries) 1 the Treasury (Department)2 [countable]TBB a place in a castle, church, palace etc where money or valuable objects are kept
Examples from the Corpus
treasuryAll that money diverted from the city treasury predictably left Neza near bankruptcy.Also in the crypt is the Duomo treasury, a pay-to-enter collection that is closed for a long period at lunch.His army, again, depends on his treasury.When Ivan the Terrible felt himself drawing near to death, we are told, he would have himself carried up to his treasury.There is a 10% regime for offshore headquarters functions, including treasury management.Workers can contribute via payroll deduction to the stock, bond or treasury funds.The ethical basis for extending effective property rights in the public treasury to officials is overlooked in the Niskanen-type thesis.Did he want to go to a policy meeting with bankers, the president and secretary of the treasury?
From King Business DictionaryTreasuryTreas‧ur‧y /ˈtrezəri/ noun the TreasuryTAXORGANIZATIONS the government department in charge of the money that a country collects in taxes and from borrowing, and the money that it spends