Word family noun trainee trainer training retraining adjective traineduntrained verb train retrain
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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traineetrain‧ee /ˌtreɪˈniː◂/ ●●○ noun [countable] BELEARNsomeone who is being trained for a job The trainees start next week.trainee manager/solicitor/teacher etc a trainee hairdresser
Examples from the Corpus
traineeI got a job as a trainee reporter on the 'Daily Star'.I started out as a trainee on the trading floor, earning around $25,000 a year.He spent three years as a trainee manager before getting his present position.He stood in the darkroom with another trainee, Dale Fitzke, a cripple.Foreigners attending sessions at the Farm were known as black trainees.Two 16-year-old process control trainees have been sponsored for a two-year college-based training course in Edinburgh.The new class of trainees was highly motivated.It was once again proved that the credulity of trainees knew no bounds.Life as a Salomon trainee was like being beaten up every day by the neighborhood bully.Three things can be demonstrated to trainees here: How to break contact gracefully.Since 1981 there have been 2000 vocational trainees a year seeking to become principals; hence the 500 surplus.Additionally, if a young trainee achieves a vocational qualification additional funding can be received for the benefit of future trainees.trainee manager/solicitor/teacher etcThe course developed by Newcastle poly which should become Northumbria University next month is a one-stop route to becoming a trainee solicitor.Some authorities allow trainee solicitors to spend time with a neighbouring authority to gain wider experience.Whenever I ask teachers and trainee teachers to respond to two questions about disruptive behaviour: What did you feel?During the summer an extra six week course is taking place to help accelerate reaching exam standard by existing trainee teachers.If you have trainee solicitors doing personal injury cases then transfer every 6-12 months is inevitable.Teacher Training, Training Course Administrator, expressed the need for a continuing intake of trainee teachers.However, not all these authorities recruit trainee solicitors.
From King Business Dictionarytraineetrain‧ee /ˌtreɪˈniː◂/ noun [countable]HUMAN RESOURCESJOB someone who is being taught the skills and knowledge to do a particular jobHe joined the company as amanagement trainee.The company will shed some 300 jobs among trainees and junior management.