Word family noun tradition traditionalist traditionalism adjective traditional traditionalist adverb traditionally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtraditionaltra‧di‧tion‧al /trəˈdɪʃənəl/ ●●● S3 W1 AWL adjective 1 TRADITIONbeing part of the traditions of a country or group of people traditional Italian cooking a traditional Irish folk song a traditional method of brewing beerit is traditional (for somebody) to do something It is traditional not to eat meat on Good Friday.2 CONVENTIONALfollowing ideas and methods that have existed for a long time, rather than doing anything new or different SYN conventional He has a traditional view of women. I went to a very traditional school. traditional family values a traditional way of life
Examples from the Corpus
traditionalThe dancers were wearing traditional African costume.Having turkey is traditional at Thanksgiving.Tom went to a very traditional boys' school.The more traditional cross symbolised fulfilment; but fulfilment implied a span of existence transcending the grave.A group of children will perform traditional dances.The local people still use traditional farming methods which have been used for hundreds of years.The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional French food.Kumar gave the traditional Hindu greeting.The shift of power, ironically, is a throwback to the traditional House power structure.the traditional idea that a woman's place is in the hometraditional ideas about educationHere the opposite of traditional is not conforming.The acrylic is not effective to use in the traditional opaque sense, it must be treated as a watercolour.This was the traditional Prussian strategy.Buck-passing is the traditional reaction to political failure among partisans concerned about the future of their own causes and careers.His critics objected to the way he broke many of the traditional rules of art.Celebrate cheese with this trio of fine-flavoured traditional soft cheeses.Many traditional teachers still think of computers as useless toys.In the US it is traditional to dress up in costumes on Halloween.traditional viewShe raged against their ingrained fear of life and their traditional views.In the traditional view a person perceives the world around him and acts upon it to make it known to him.Let us begin by examining some traditional views about particular-identity.Milton has already dispelled our traditional view of an awesome, bestial figure, in favour of one who possesses a destroyed beauty.On the traditional view of the matter, Mrs Mountford not being a lodger must be a tenant.He clung to the traditional view, stating that the problem was scientifically indeterminate.The traditional view was that the interests of the company meant the interests of the shareholders.This was the traditional view which held sway for many years.