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tradetrade1 /treɪd/ ●●● S3 W1 noun 1 buying/selling [uncountable]BBT the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods within a country or between countries SYN commercetrade between There has been a marked increase in trade between East and West. international trade agreements unfair trade practicestrade in Trade in ivory has been banned since 1990.the arms/drug/slave etc trade (=the buying and selling of weapons, drugs etc) balance of trade, free trade, → trade war at war(3)2 the hotel/tourist etc trade3 amount of business [uncountable] British EnglishBBTBUSINESS business activity, especially the amount of goods or products that are sold SYN business A lot of pubs nowadays do most of their trade at lunchtimes.passing trade (=customers who go into a shop when they are passing it, not regular customers) Souvenir shops rely mainly on passing trade. do a roaring trade at roaring(3)4 an exchange of things [singular] American English a) when you exchange something you have for something that someone else has Let’s make a trade – my frisbee for your baseball. b) when a player on a sports team is exchanged for a player from another team The Celtics star demanded a trade after talks with management broke down.5 the trade6 job/work [countable, uncountable]BOJOB/WORK a particular job, especially one needing special skill with your hands Brian insisted that his sons learn a trade. My grandfather was a plumber by trade (=that was his job).tools of your trade (=the things that you need to do your job) stock-in-trade, jack-of-all-trades, → ply your trade at ply1(1), → tricks of the trade at trick1(7)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + trade international/foreign tradeInternational trade is essential for long-term economic growth. global/world tradeWe want the poorer nations to benefit from increased global trade.the arms/timber/book etc tradeBritain is heavily involved in the arms trade.the drugs/slave tradethe country’s thriving drugs tradethe tourist tradeThe wildlife and scenery have helped to make the tourist trade Alaska's second industrythe retail trade (=businesses which sell goods in shops to customers)Advertising encourages the retail trade to stock and display the product. the wholesale trade (=businesses which sell goods in large quantities at low prices to other businesses, rather than to the general public)In the domestic market, the wholesale trade and retail trade developed rapidly. trade + NOUNtrade barriers (also barriers to trade formal) (=things that make trade between two countries more difficult or expensive, such as taxes)The removal of trade barriers will help our trading partnership.a trade agreementOn April 3 a new trade agreement between Romania and the USA was signed.a trade embargo (=an official order to stop trade with another country)Delegates urged the US government to lift its trade embargo against talks/negotiationsA further round of trade talks begins this week in Geneva.a trade deficit (=the amount by which the total goods one country sells to others is less than the amount it buys from them)The foreign trade deficit widened by 42% compared with the previous year.a trade surplus (=the amount by which the total goods one country sells to others is more than the amount it buys from them)Scotch whisky is a major contributor to the UK trade balance, with a large trade surplus.
Examples from the Corpus
tradeMost had not previously been covered by a trade union unemployment scheme.Young men and women can learn a trade in the military.The U.S. has maintained a trade embargo against Cuba since 1962.The war has created favorable conditions for the illegal arms trade.His father had been a bricklayer by trade.The free trade zone failed in various incarnations, and investment has been only sporadic.South Korea and Japan have signed an important trade agreement.This was in line with the Government's legislation aimed at preventing militancy in trade unions.New agreements will increase trade between the two countries.The introduction of the Euro should make trade between European countries much easier.The Wizards could make more trades that could alter their salary cap structure and the makeup of the team.Strong exports of services helped the overall balance of trade.After agriculture, overseas trade accounts for the largest portion of the economy.Most of the men had worked in skilled trades such as carpentry or printing.The repression against members of the party, the trade union movement and other progressive organizations increased.So it was that the trade emulated this sliding scale system for the populace at large.The trade deficit with China remains high.The trade in data processing between countries is likely to grow faster than the trade in tradeThey include: Jonathan Lux, an international trade and insurance expert at Ince & Co.The basis for international trade between countries can be explained in terms of the economist David Ricardo's theory of comparative costs.Economic interdependence First in the economic field-in international trade, investment and finance.This insight into the ethics of international trade comes from the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, a research organization.We are firmly opposed to international trade in rare and protected species such as rhinoceroses, cheetahs, leopards, and bears.passing tradeSo they left the chef in charge in case any passing trade should appear.Others are simply roadside cafes where the owner keeps a couple of women for passing trade.The recession has taken it's toll; they need passing trade to survive.Coun Walsh said he did not believe the bypass would hit the Guisborough economy by taking passing trade away from shops and garages. make a tradeFrequent curfew and the security forces make trade almost impossible.We have, however, shown that there exist reasonable conditions that when satisfied, make trade gainful.They make trading simpler and reduce the associated costs leading to increased employment and better quality goods for consumers.The company is due to make a trading statement tomorrow.Last Thursday, the last chance for teams to make trades, no move was the wise move for the Clippers.If you were trying to make a trade, where would you begin?The rebels want to make a trade - two of their prisoners for one of the government's.That would make trade among the republics even harder.learn a tradeA Solution: The Job Corps provides room and board to disadvantaged young adults while they complete their studies and learn trades.Runs a women's training centre with child care so that women can learn trades and skills.Too many associates come into the big firms and feeler are led to feel-that they are only here to learn a trade.She enrolled in the tech school to learn a trade.I started to learn a trade so many times, and never finished.He tried hard to wean them away from crime by persuading them to learn a trade instead.
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tradetrade2 ●●○ S3 W3 verb 1 [intransitive, transitive]BBT to buy and sell goods, services etc as your job or businesstrade with India began trading with Europe in the 15th and 16th in The company trades in silk, tea, and other items. They had to travel into town to trade the produce from their farm.2 [intransitive]BBT British English to exist and operate as a business The firm now trades under the name Lanski and Weber.cease trading (=stop being a business because you are bankrupt)3 [transitive]BFS to buy or sell something on the stock exchange Over a million shares were traded today.Grammar Trade is usually passive in this meaning.4 trade insults/blows etc5 [intransitive, transitive] especially American EnglishEXCHANGE to exchange something you have for something someone else has SYN swap British English We traded something with somebody I wouldn’t mind trading jobs with (somebody) something for something I’ll trade you my camera for your drill. trade at something trade down trade something ↔ in trade something ↔ off trade on/upon something trade up
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Examples from the Corpus
tradeThey were trading 31 lower at 1,035 earlier today."What do you have for lunch, a peanut butter sandwich?" "Want to trade?"We liked each other's clothes, so we traded.Over a million shares were traded during the day.How far depended on a firm's skills at trading for its own account.That rule calls for a one-hour trading halt if the industrial average ever falls 250 points.Japan is one of our major trading partners.Ellis was trapped after Liverpool trading standards officers, posing as dealers, smashed a nationwide network of underground sellers.The debating chamber is often simply used as a platform for trading verbal abuse.The West is accused of trading weapons for hostages.The two nations have not traded with each other for over 30 years.There was always a difficulty in obtaining enough currency, a major barrier to trading with the west.I'll trade you my baseball for those two withThe U.S. has not traded with the country since the early '90s.cease tradingUnder the Celuform scheme, the Company guarantees that faulty workmanship and materials is put right even if the installer has ceased trading.Unfortunately Carrera have been experiencing financial difficulties and ceased trading.They represent a crystallised situation, which would have arisen if Hook Harris had ceased trading and been sold off.Of those individuals that cease trading, half enter full-time employment, further education or training programmes.The other butcher thought to be involved ceased trading in 1989.The arrangement ended on 1 January when the Soviet Union ceased trading with its former allies on a convertible rouble basis.If remedial action is not forthcoming we would cease trading with them.
From King Business Dictionarytradetrade1 /treɪd/ noun1[uncountable]COMMERCE the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods within a country or between countriesTrade between Hong Kong and eastern European countries has been very limited.Restrictive practices in their home market have given Japanese industries an unfair advantage ininternational inThe Reptile Protection Trust wants to ban the trade in pet turtles.2[uncountable]ECONOMICS the value of a country’s imports and exports, especially when these are comparedThe statistics on UK trade provided some basis for optimism.Hungary’s total net trade fell between the last two quarters of the year.The newtrade figures were released today. external trade fair trade foreign trade free trade international trade invisible trade overseas trade visible trade3the hotel/banking/motor etc trade(s)COMMERCE the business done by hotels, banks etcThe figures suggest an improvement in theretail trade (=business done by shops).For years, the building trade was in heavy recession.4the rag trade informal the business of making and selling clothes5[singular, uncountable]COMMERCE the level of activity in a company, industry etcTrade is very slow at the moment.Garden centres do most of their trade at weekends.They were doing a brisk trade (=doing a lot of business) in Christmas trees right up to the 24th.The restaurants on Boat Quay were doing a roaring trade (=doing a lot of business). passing trade6[countable]JOB a particular job, especially one needing special skills with your handsSimilar rates of pay apply in other trades, including carpentry, plumbing and joinery.7[countable usually plural, uncountable]FINANCE buying and selling shares, bonds etc on a stock exchange, or an occasion when people do thisShares of the company were down $265 at $693 in morning trade.For trades of 2,000 or more shares, the charge will be $60 plus five cents a share. insider trade wash trade see also balance of trade, barrier to trade, chamber of tradetradetrade2 verb1[intransitive, transitive]COMMERCE to buy and sell goods, services etc as part of your businessThe agreement allows metals and plastics to be traded among 24 inThey intended to start up a business trading in electronics withThese countries can trade with Britain without having to pay import duties.2[intransitive]COMMERCE to exist and operate as a businessThe joint venture willtrade under the name of Do It All chain.The company currently trades on the American Stock Exchange.3[transitive]FINANCE to buy or sell shares, bonds, currencies, COMMODITIES (=oil, metal, farm products) etc115 million shares were traded, more than 15% of the company’s stock. trade at something trade down trade something ↔ in trade something ↔ off trade up→ See Verb tableOrigin trade1 (1300-1400) Middle Low German course, way, track