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tracingtrac‧ing /ˈtreɪsɪŋ/ AWL noun [countable] AVDa copy of a map, drawing etc made by tracing it
Examples from the Corpus
tracingThere was no one more adept at tracing and rescuing sheep trapped in snow drifts.Down again from knee to groin, that delicate forefinger tracing, tracing.Table V shows the percentage of time the oesophageal and gastric tracings indicated identical pressure recordings.Whilst the system may suit individual researchers, it can give librarians problems in tracing and borrowing theses produced in other countries.The leaf tracing is then pasted on to the assembly so that the centre vein coincides with the join.Delicate lines, like tracings, rayed out at each corner of her eyes.So much for the matter of tracing.He has spent his time tracing and cataloguing electrical cabling and other installations, including the University's nineteen sub- stations.