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toytoy1 /tɔɪ/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] 1 DHTan object for children to play with some toys for the babytoy car/soldier/gun etcsoft/cuddly toy British English (=a toy that looks like an animal and is covered in fur) Annie was playing happily with her toys.2 OWNan object that you buy because it gives you pleasure and enjoyment, especially one that you dont really need The food mixer is her latest toy.3 sex toy
Examples from the Corpus
toyNow your son is lavishing upon the computer the attention he would give to any new, rewarding and particularly attractive toy.The three largest ocean liners in the world could have sat atop its crest like bathtub toys.On the second floor, room 30 is the favourite: devoted to dolls, toys and other mementos of bygone childhood.The red Porsche is his latest toy.Dad was a wonderful craftsman and created many toys from scrap.Did you get any new toys for your birthday?I keep some of the toys on display in working order for my grandchildren to play with.toy car/soldier/gun etcUnfortunately, the child in the story uses a toy gun to rid himself of the beast.What, after all, are dodgems but toy cars that one can climb into?He always nicked my toy cars.Branwell's toy soldier, Bonaparte, had become the strong, bad, good-looking Duke of Northangerland.Some are more obvious to identify, such as the toy car.When daddy teasingly takes the toy car away he, too, is getting between the child and his interest.Yet today toy guns are banned from our household.One frustrated local battalion has resorted to practicing with toy soldiers on a gymnasium floor.
toytoy2 ●○○ verb toy with somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
toyPete Townsend, Jeff Beck and other guitarists had been toying with feedback and massive volume.Perhaps he had been toying with John Chapel, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.We sat there toying with our food.Jeffries was toying with the crowd and putting the entire college on notice.Like a trapeze artist who pretends to lose his balance, Blondin was for ever toying with the crowd.Even Serrano was beginning to toy with the idea of a monarchist restoration, albeit under Falangist tutelage.I would not dream of toying with you.
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toytoy3 adjective [only before noun] DHPa toy animal or dog is a type of dog that is specially bred to be very small a toy poodle
Examples from the Corpus
toyA fanciful idea by some toy manufacturer which only goes to underline what was said previously about imagination and licence!
Origin toy1 (1500-1600) toy amusing story or action ((15-18 centuries))