toxic waste

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toxic wasteˌtoxic ˈwaste noun [countable, uncountable] SGPwaste products from industry that are harmful to people, animals, or the environment a toxic waste dump international agreements about the disposal of toxic waste
Examples from the Corpus
toxic wasteIn the last four years, we cleaned up 250 toxic waste sites, as many as in the previous 12.Andrew Graham says a toxic waste incinerator owned by Re-Chem, was responsible for poisoning cattle on two of his farms.ReChem, for example, concentrates on extremely toxic waste.Plans are also afoot to transform the disused salt mines of Saxony and Thuringia into depositories for toxic waste.They included the construction of sewage purification plants in 100 coastal cities and the establishment of at least 25 supervised toxic waste depots.Residents are concerned that toxic waste may be dumped.Ammonia is the toxic waste produced by the fish and this is initially bacterially broken down to nitrite in your filtration system.