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touristtour‧ist /ˈtʊərɪst $ ˈtʊr-/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] 1 DLTHOLIDAYsomeone who is visiting a place for pleasure on holiday Cambridge is always full of tourists in the summer. The Statue of Liberty is a major tourist attraction. What effect will this have on the local tourist industry?tourist centre/destination/resort etc Durham, with its cathedral and castle, is a popular tourist centre.see thesaurus at travel2 medical/sex/libel etc touristCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesforeign touristsMillions of foreign tourists visit the capital every American/Japanese etc touristShe saw a crowd of Japanese tourists, cameras at the ready, wandering down the path.verbstourists visit a placeAbout six million tourists visit the country each year.tourists flock to a place (=visit it in large numbers)Tourists have flocked to the area ever since the TV series was filmed there.attract/draw touristsThey hope to change the image of the city and attract more tourists.tourist + NOUNa tourist attraction (=an interesting place for tourists to see or an enjoyable activity for them to do)Yellowstone National Park is a major tourist attraction.a tourist destination/centre/spotEgypt became a popular tourist destination in the nineteenth century.the tourist industryThe tourist industry is booming, with more visitors this year than ever before.the tourist season (=the period in a year when large numbers of tourists visit a place)Even in the tourist season the beaches don’t get packed.phrasesa group/party of touristsThe guide was talking to a party of tourists. THESAURUStourist someone who is visiting a place for pleasure on holidayThe hotel is very popular with tourists.a major tourist destinationtraveller British English, traveler American English someone who travels somewherea weary traveller returning home after a long journeyThe building’s luxurious interior will appeal to business travellers. The strike will affect air travellers.Paul Theroux, the American traveller, once went from London to India by train. visitor someone who comes to visit a particular country, area, museum etcTimes Square attracts more than 30 million visitors British English, vacationer American English someone who is on holiday somewhereThe beach was packed with holiday-makers.75 percent of Alamo's rentals are to vacationers.sightseer a tourist who is visiting a famous or interesting placeCrowds of sightseers come to London every year.backpacker someone who is travelling for pleasure, staying in cheap accommodation and carrying a backpacka cheap hotel which is used mainly by backpackers
Examples from the Corpus
touristTourists can use the colour-coded map to guide themselves on walks of the city.A tourist visa is required for most nationalities.More than 3 million American tourists visit Britain every year.It was neither feasible nor necessary to deny tourists who were lured to the Falls the attractions they expected.Britain is one of the world's top five tourist destinations.On his visit the authorities had been suspicious of Western visitors who asked to travel outside the main tourist spots.And Pau is not in the mass tourist market.Millions of tourists visit it every year.Read in studio A decision to cut a town's tourist budget by more than half has angered shopkeepers and hoteliers.A park ranger was answering the tourists' questions as they looked out over the canyon.Three tourists were reported to have been wounded by gunfire in separate attacks on Nile cruise ships during October.Sure, the majority were tourists.tourist attractionThe following year, the local middle classes organised the new Bonfire Societies and controlled popular effervescence became a tourist attraction.The magnificent hall itself and its gardens became a tourist attraction.Starting from the Scenic Tunnel, long a tourist attraction, the pair headed for the opening that had previously been blasted.And about the same time a mystery blaze broke out at Madame Tussaud's, another of the capitals major tourist attractions.It is the newest tourist attraction at the Kennedy Space Center.St Michael's Mount, left, is a popular tourist attraction.That our lovely, blue planet is not a popular tourist attraction for extraterrestrials.
From King Business Dictionarytouristtour‧ist /ˈtʊərəstˈtʊr-/ noun [countable]TRAVEL someone who travels to visit a place for pleasure or a holidayAbout 40,000 Americans go there each year, mostly for business but some as tourists.The city relies on its tourist industry and many of its citizens are shopkeepers and guides.The Statue of Liberty is a major tourist attraction (=a place, building etc that many tourists go to see).