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toetoe1 /təʊ $ toʊ/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] 1 HBHone of the five movable parts at the end of your footfinger He stubbed his toe (=hurt it by kicking it against something) on a rock.big toe (=the largest of your toes)2 shoes.jpg DCthe part of a shoe or sock that covers the front part of your foot3 tread on somebody’s toes4 keep somebody on their toes5 make somebody’s toes curl6 touch your toes7 put/dip a toe in the water from head to toe at head1(1), → from top to toe at top1(23)
Examples from the Corpus
toeHe looks under the table and sees a bare toe rubbing the toe of his sneaker.She has a sharp cutting edge and woe betide the Europhile who treads on her toes.Like on horseback, I hold on with the tips of my toes.Invariably our toes are unnaturally cramped into odd-shaped shoes and the feet raised because we choose to teeter around in high heels!Ruth's toes curled under the table.In each directorate-general there is a leader, who keeps his team on their toes..stubbed ... toeInside Polly yelped and stubbed her toe against a chair.Striding away from the house, Carolyn stubbed her toe badly on a brick end and had to sit down to nurse it.As a prominent figure in Rottweiler rescue, she's stubbed her toe on more unfair bullying and downright idiocy than most.Jackie seemed to float upwards and Sam stubbed his toe.
toetoe2 verb (toed, toeing) toe the line→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
toeHe could be expected, then, to toe the line when it came to military versus civilian decisions.The party stalwarts toe the presidential line and shout down those who disagree.
Origin toe1 Old English ta