Word family noun title subtitle subtitles entitlement adjective titled subtitled verb entitle subtitle
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titleti‧tle /ˈtaɪtl/ ●●● S3 W1 noun 1 [countable]ANAME OF A THING the name given to a particular book, painting, play etctitle of The title of this play is ‘Othello’.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that something is called ..., rather than saying its title is ...: The play's title is 'Blasted'. → The play is called 'Blasted'.2 [countable]AL a book the UK’s 20 best-selling titles3 [countable] a) NAME OF A PERSONa name such as ‘Sir’ or ‘Professor’, or abbreviations such as ‘Mrs’ or ‘Dr’, that are used before someone’s name to show their rank or profession, whether they are married etc b) BOa name that describes someone’s job or position Her official title is editor.4 [countable]DS the position of being the winner of an important sports competition Tyson won the WBA title in 1987.5 [singular, uncountable] lawSCL the legal right to have or own somethingtitle to He has title to the land.
Examples from the Corpus
titleBy Christmas, the publisher expects to have 25 titles available.All plans are offered with guaranteed clean title in offshore companies.Lewis's official title is "temporary co-chairman.""Confrontation on the Job" is the title of the workshop.Usually found on the back of the title page.I've read one of her books, but I can't remember the title.What's the title of this week's assignment?The film was released in the UK under the title "Maybe Baby".I asked my grinning neighbor what the title meant.The title should be as descriptive as possible, and can be up to 60 printing characters long, including spaces.The title 'Ms' became much more popular in the 1980s.Such an analysis of the thesis titles is in preparation by the present author.The Giants unfailingly credited their trainers for a healthy run at the National League West title.
From King Business Dictionarytitleti‧tle /ˈtaɪtl/ noun1[countable]HUMAN RESOURCESJOB a name that describes a person’s job or positionWhat is your job title?Her official title is Human Resources Manager.2[countable] a particular book, magazine, piece of software etc sold by a companyWe publish 200 new titles a year.3[singular, uncountable]LAWPROPERTY the legal right to own propertyYou must demonstrate that you have proof of title.title toWho holds the title to the land? absolute title abstract of title bad title deducing title defective title document of title marketable title paper title proof of title registered title root of title see also chain of title, cloud on title, evidence of title, examination of titleOrigin title (1300-1400) Old French Latin titulus