From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtinyti‧ny /ˈtaɪni/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective (comparative tinier, superlative tiniest) huge.jpg SMALLextremely small a tiny community in the Midwest The earrings were tiny. a tiny little baby She always felt a tiny bit sad. Bad teachers are a tiny minority. tiny pieces of papersee thesaurus at small
Examples from the Corpus
tinyInflation increased a tiny 0.2% in November.The proportion of babies that suffer from the disease is tiny.Have you seen Vic's apartment? It's tiny.I've made one or two tiny alterations, but otherwise the house is the same as when I bought it.A tiny amount laced in a letter can be lethal.You only need to use a tiny amount of salt.They look so funny together. She's really tiny and her husband's about six foot five.She's tiny, but she belts out these old blues songs like you wouldn't believe.There's been a tiny decrease in the number of people out of work.Luke put out his hand and touched the tiny fingers of his baby daughter.Only a tiny fraction of our profit comes from book sales.These tiny havens are where the wildlife you see in your neighborhood retreat.She looked again at the tiny hut.She was holding a tiny little baby in her arms.The box was full of tiny little blue and white beads.Millions of people buy lottery tickets, but only a tiny majority ever win anything.A tiny old lady answered the door.She gripped hard with her knees and tried to roll with the tiny plodding hooves.He noticed that when she saw him, a tiny sparkle came into her eyes and her lips trembled a little.The smallest goat went over the bridge first, and his hooves made a tiny trip-trap sound.a tiny village in the mountainsRory sucked at the tiny wound and spat, trying to remove any dirt.tiny littleSure the mechanics are similar, but those tiny little extras mount up to a whole lot more than their actual sum.There were some fish-hooks attached to the cord higher up, tiny little fish-hooks.I know you are only a tiny little girl, but there is some kind of magic in you somewhere.He had terrified tiny little hopeless eyes.She came closer, with tiny little jumps, until they were hugging close.This is a tiny little one-bedroom apartment, Bernie.She was so beautiful that I just melted and we went to this tiny little room, where she washed me.She was a tiny little thing but very strong and very well qualified.
Origin tiny (1500-1600) tine very small ((15-17 centuries))