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timestimes1 /taɪmz/ preposition HMCOUNT/CALCULATEmultiplied by two times two equals four (2 x 2 = 4)
Examples from the Corpus
timesFive times six equals thirty.What is eight times twelve?two times two equals four
timestimes2 verb [transitive] spoken to multiply a number Then you times that by 1,000.→ See Verb tableTimes, TheThe TimesTimes, The trademark 1 an old and famous British daily newspaper. The Times is a serious paper, and generally supports quite right-wing political ideas. At one time, especially before television and radio, it had great influence on British political life, and many important people used to give their opinions by writing letters to The Times. It is now owned by Rupert Murdoch.2 the Los Angeles Times3 the New York Times