From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtietie1 /taɪ/ ●●● S2 W3 verb (tied, tying, ties) 1 string/rope a) [transitive]FASTEN/DO UP to fasten things together or hold them in a particular position using a piece of string, rope etc OPP untietie something to/behind/onto etc something Tie this label to your suitcase.tie somebody to something They tied him to a tree and beat him up.tie something together (with something) I kept all his letters tied together with a ribbon.tie somebody’s hands/arms/legs/feet One of them tied her hands behind her back. I tie my hair back when I’m jogging. b) [transitive]FASTEN/DO UP to fasten something around, over etc something else and tie the ends together OPP untietie something around/over/under etc something He had only a towel tied around his waist. She tied a scarf over her head. c) [transitive]TIE to make a knot in a piece of string, rope etc, for example to fasten shoes or other clothes Can you tie your shoelaces by yourself?tie a knot/bow She pulled the ribbon tightly and tied a bow. d) [intransitive]TIE if a piece of clothing ties in a particular place, you fasten it there using a belt, bow etc This dress ties at the back.2 game/competition [intransitive] (also be tied)EQUAL if two players, teams etc tie or are tied in a game or competition, they finish it with an equal number of pointstie with At the end of the season, we were tied with the Tigers.tie for first/second etc place Woosnam and Lyle tied for fourth place on 264.3 be tied to something4 be tied to/by something5 tie the knot6 tie yourself (up) in knots7 tie one on somebody’s hands are tied at hand1(43) tie somebody down tie in with something tie up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tieDo you know how to tie a bow tie?She tied a scarf around her neck.Woosnam and Lyle tied for fourth place on 264.The kidnappers had tied his hands together and blindfolded him.Quickly tying a knot in his tie, John finished dressing and went to work.Daddy, can you tie my shoe?Saul tied one end of the rope around a large rock and lowered himself over the cliff.The terrorists tied the hostages to their chairs.Pull both ends tight, tie the tapes, then inflate the life jacket.Don't forget to tie this label onto your suitcase.In the middle of the room was a figure tied to a post.The washing line was tied to a tree.Her horse was tied to a tree.This is the extent to which women's moral perceptions are tied to the aesthetic.Weights can be tied to the scaffolds to pull the branches down to create these angles.When the teacher stood up, he found that his shoes had been tied together.If the rope is too short, tie two pieces together.That measure is now tied up in litigation.At school camp they taught us how to tie various knots.Miss Sadie had given him a very large package tied with a red bow.He was carrying four thick brown cardboard accordion folios tied with faded red ribbons.The package had been tied with strong green string.The two teams are tied with two games a piece.I won the first competition and tied with Wilson in the second.tie a knot/bowThe dress ties at the back.Crew members can not steer or tie knots.Get enough ribbon to wrap the jam box and tie a bow.I fixed things, I caught wild steer, I tied knots, I rode cattle, and so on.Your author forgot all about the steam service and has tied a knot in his tie already for the September retreat.As she was still smiling, he just tied a knot in it!She had a lot of curly hair and she had tied a bow in it.We learned how to tie knots in the Boy Scouts.tie for first/second etc placeHer reward was a four-way tie for first place.A course of antibiotics enabled him to continue and he ended up in a tie for second place alongside Jose Maria Olazabal.The two teams are tied for second place with 3-1 Pac-10 records.The Florida sampling showed Forbes has moved into a statistical tie for second place with Sen.
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tietie2 ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 neck_tie.jpg men’s clothes a long narrow piece of cloth tied in a knot around the neck, worn by men I wear a shirt and tie at work. black-tie, bow tie2 connection/relationshipPGRELATIONSHIP [usually plural] a strong relationship between people, groups, or countriesclose/strong ties the importance of strong family tiestie between/with close ties between the two countrieseconomic/diplomatic/personal etc ties Japan’s strong economic ties with Taiwanthe ties of marriage/friendship/love etc old school tie3 result [usually singular]DS the result of a game, competition, or election when two or more people or teams get the same number of points, votes etc SYN draw British English The match ended in a tie.4 for closing somethingFASTEN/DO UP a piece of string, wire etc used to fasten or close something such as a bag5 game British EnglishDS one game, especially of football, that is part of a larger competitiontie against England’s World Cup tie against Argentinafirst round/second round etc tiehome/away tie6 prevent you from doing somethingPREVENT something that means you must stay in one place, job etc or prevents you from being free to do what you want If you enjoy travelling, young children can be a tie.7 railway American EnglishTTR a heavy piece of wood or metal supporting a railway track SYN sleeper British EnglishCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a strong relationship between people, groups, or countriesADJECTIVES/NOUN + ties close/strong tiesHe had developed close ties with many Republican governors.family/blood tiesFamily ties have been weakened by older people living apart from their children.personal tiesStrong personal ties connect her to the area.emotional tiesHe was a loner who failed to develop emotional ties with other people.economic tiesJapan and South Korea have close economic ties.diplomatic tiesthe establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countriessocial tiesBesides marriage, other social ties drew people together.phrasesties of marriage/friendship/blood etcThe ties of friendship that unite the two countries.verbsmaintain/develop tiesThe U.S. is committed to maintaining close ties with Europe.establish tiesIsrael established full diplomatic ties with the Vatican in 1994.cut/sever tiesHe said that he planned to sever his ties with the club.
Examples from the Corpus
tieThe second game was very exciting, but it ended in a tie.If there is a tieSig and Feels had their jackets off and ties loosened.Why can female staff in Canterbury wear casual clothes but the men have to wear shirts and ties?Family ties extended to the making of several of the films at Toronto.Even without the Guards tie, his dress and manner made it obvious that he was a Brit.Edward undid his tie, but for the life of him he could not take his eyes off her.To some, it seemed odd that he was able to maintain those ties.the ties of marriage/friendship/love etcThrough it all, the ties of friendship prove stronger than wildly varied personal agendas and abject stupidity.home/away tieSefton hit the cup trail tomorrow with a home tie against Metrovick in the Provincial Trophy third round.Anglesey Aluminium knocked out former cup winners Amlwch winning their away tie by 23 runs.
From King Business Dictionarytietie /taɪ/ verb (past tense and past participle tied, present participle tying) tie up tie up with somebody/something→ See Verb tableOrigin tie1 Old English tigan