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ThursdayThurs‧day /ˈθɜːzdi, -deɪ $ ˈθɜːrz-/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] (written abbreviation Thurs. or Thur.) TMCthe day between Wednesday and Fridayon Thursday I went to Edinburgh on Thursday. She was working Thursday. American EnglishThursday morning/afternoon etc There’s a meeting on Thursday night.last Thursday He was arrested last Thursday.this Thursday Mark and I are driving south this Thursday (=Thursday of next week) I’ll see you next Thursday.a Thursday (=one of the Thursdays in the year) Christmas Day is on a Thursday this year.
Examples from the Corpus
ThursdayThe jurors, who ended their third day of deliberations Thursday, appeared in good spirits.The Nikkei fell 4. 98 points Friday to 19868. 15 after a 138. 63-point fall Thursday.My loyalty is to the Giants and the priority is Thursday and the second half.The starters were announced last Thursday.I've got to be in New York on Thursday.If a Game 7 is necessary, it will be played Thursday night.When the bee resumes Thursday, Ward will battle 102 other spellers until a new champion is crowned.I tried call you ThursdayHe was remanded in custody to appear again next Thursday.Clinton plans to return to Atlanta next Thursday to attend some Olympic competitions.In the first session, which ends next Thursday, students take two afternoon classes four days a week for three weeks.I made my dentist appointment for next Thursday at 10:00 am.High hopes are riding on the Chancellor's annual speech on monetary policy at the Mansion House next Thursday.There is an opportunity for parents as well and their course starts next Thursday.Smith was remanded in custody until next Thursday.
Origin Thursday Old English Thunresdæg, from Thunor god of the sky + dæg day