From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthirdthird1 /θɜːd $ θɜːrd/ ●●● W2 S2 adjective 1 HMcoming after two other things in a series in the third century her third birthday2 third time luckythird pronoun I’m planning to leave on the third (=the third day of the month).thirdly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
thirdThis is her third marriage.
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thirdthird2 ●●● W3 noun [countable] 1 HMPARTone of three equal parts of something Divide it into thirds.third of A third of these jobs are held by Two-thirds of the profits are given to charities.2 SECthe lowest type of degree that is given by a British university
Examples from the Corpus
thirdBut two of the lambs died within minutes of birth, and a third died at ten days.One big headache is the banks' large mortgage portfolios, which account for over a third of their total loans.A third, smaller group will consist of veterans whose illnesses can not be tied to Gulf War service, he said.Nearly half the runoff came from Colorado and another third from Wyoming and Utah.Divide the sandwich into thirds.Throughout the last third of the Cretaceous the dinosaurs slowly declined in diversity and numbers.The Raiders have struggled on third down all season.The company has lost one third of its investment.The third, and most innovative, idea is symbolized by the smart card.A thirdEstimating the size of a coinage A third main method of looking at coins is rather more detailed.At hearing. A third child, aged only seven months, was lifted out to safety in a carry-cot.It joins the male and together they hunt. A third bird appears.Both died from multiple injuries. A third child, nine-year-old Christopher Nimbley, was also injured.
From King Business Dictionarythirdthird /θɜːdθɜːrd/ adjective third half/quarter/periodACCOUNTING the third half, quarter etc of the financial yearOrigin third1 Old English thridda, thirdda