Word family noun theorist theory theorem theoretician adjective theoretical verb theorize adverb theoretically
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theoristtheo‧rist /ˈθɪərɪst $ ˈθiːə-/ ●○○ AWL (also theoretician /ˌθɪərəˈtɪʃən $ ˌθiːə-/) noun [countable] HPsomeone who develops ideas within a particular subject that explain why particular things happen or are true a leading economic theorist
Examples from the Corpus
theoristBehavioural theorists add that tall structures impose rigid supervision and control and therefore block initiative and ruin the motivation of subordinates.Like our late twentieth-century conspiracy theorists, Dooner starts with a few facts, disguising his fiction as straight social history.Conspiracy theorists might guess that Brown has Polaroids of Wilson in a compromising position.Film theorists first put forward the proposition that the construction of the spectator in mainstream cinema is gendered.This is no new thought and many theorists, although moving from quite different assumptions, could readily give assent.Modernisation theorists too thought that the peasantry, through the diffusion of modern ideas and consumer goods, would develop out of existence.A number of theorists have identified precursors of photography in the late eighteenth century.The organizational theorists who have championed the matrixing approach candidly label it an organizational overlay.