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ldoce_333_ftheatrethea‧tre British English, theater American English /ˈθɪətə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 building [countable]APT a building or place with a stage where plays and shows are performed an open-air theatre (=a theatre that is outside) the Mercury Theater2 plays [uncountable] a) APTplays as a form of entertainment I enjoy theater and swimming.the theatre He’s really interested in literature and the theatre. Yeats’ plays are great poetry but they are not good theatre (=good entertainment). b) APTthe work of acting in, writing, or organizing plays classes in theater and musicin the theatre She’s been working in the theatre over thirty years.3 place to see a film [countable] American EnglishAMF a building where films are shown SYN movie theater American English, cinema British English ‘Bambi’ was the first movie I ever saw in the theater.4 hospital [countable, uncountable] British EnglishMH a special room in a hospital where medical operations are done SYN operating room American Englishin theatre Marilyn is still in theatre.5 war [countable] formalPM a large area where a war is being fought the Pacific theater during World War IITHESAURUSstage the raised area on which the actors, musicians etc performHe came on stage to rapturous applause.The band will appear live on stage for the first time in three years.the stalls British English, the orchestra American English the lower level of seatsHe had a seat in the stalls.We paid $100 for a seat in the orchestra.the circle British English, the balcony the higher level of seatsThey were sitting in the balcony.the orchestra pit the space below the stage where the musicians sitThe actress fell into the orchestra office the place in a theatre where you buy ticketsCollect your tickets at the box office.programme British English, program American English a small book that you buy when you go to the theatre that gives information about the play and the performersHis name is not in the programme.Do you want me to buy you a program?interval British English, intermission British English formal and American English a short period of time between the parts of a play or show when the audience can talk or have a drinkWe got a drink in the interval.
Examples from the Corpus
theatreIn the 1870s his career as a theatre architect started rapidly.I've never been in a fire in a theatre before - thankfully they're almost unheard of.It will probably be among the most wonderful experiences you've had in any theatre.She does some TV work, but theatre remains her first love.Many of NATO's nuclear weapons in the European theatre are obsolete.the use of theatre in primary school educationAnyhow, I married her out of lust and a sort of snobbism for the theatre in general and pretty actresses in particular.Those enthusiasms right now center on the theatre.In theory the theatre can hold about 2,800 people, although new security measures limit this on most occasions to around 2,000.The utopian theatre of 1917 Berlin and Vienna was still on the the theatreWonderful music, but in the theatre - well, I must say it is not to my taste.A comparable tendency is to be found in the theatre.By the early 1970s, partly preoccupied by family life, Tutin was seen far less in the theatre.There is no trace of hunting music in the theatre score at this point or anywhere else.You've wanted for a long time to conduct Le Sacre in the theatre?Unsurprising, you might argue, given the chequered history of pop singers in the theatre.The musical opens with her trial; in the theatre on the first night, she was in tears.Do you enjoy working in the theatre?