the eleventh hour

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe eleventh hourthe eleventh hourON TIMEthe last moment before something important happens At the eleventh hour the government decided that something had to be done. eleventh
Examples from the Corpus
the eleventh hourIt has come at the eleventh hour.The Billabong had been saved at the eleventh hour.Alas, this knowledge comes at a time when it is virtually the eleventh hour for the tiger.At the eleventh hour, Halifax has stepped into the breach.At the eleventh hour, he underestimated the Stealers - as if they had only been his playthings.There wouldn't be any later, unless somehow, at the eleventh hour, I freed Karen from her sterile remorse.At the eleventh hour, the Government decided something had to be done, and fast.And, suddenly, just as had happened to Michael Banks, at the eleventh hour the rhythm started to come.