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terminalterminal1 /ˈtɜːmɪnəl $ ˈtɜːr-/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable] 1 TTAa big building where people wait to get onto planes, buses, or ships, or where goods are loaded the airport’s passenger terminalferry/bus terminal2 TDa piece of computer equipment consisting of at least a keyboard and a screen, that you use for putting in or taking out information from a large computer3 TEEone of the points at which you can connect wires in an electrical circuitpositive/negative terminal
Examples from the Corpus
terminalA free shuttle bus runs between the airport terminal and the train station.AlterNet service also sells a full range of equipment used for the Internet connections: modems, routers, and terminal servers.Workers who once did strenuous manual labour picking wood for the grinders now sit at computer terminals.His name has appeared on billboards, television and radio stations, computer terminals and a Johns Hopkins research building.Without the King's Cross terminal, there may be real problems.Jessamyn left the dead woman with her face in her terminal, and climbed on to the top of the command module.But one terminal, in what Jurkowsky called an oversight, was not purged.Many antidepressants just slow down the reuptake of the neurotransmitter into the presynaptic terminal.ferry/bus terminalWork has already started on a new 14 acre ferry terminal costing £7 million.Hotel St Raphael A superior first-class hotel close to the airport bus terminal.The east shore of the bay had no airport landing strip, no railhead, no long-distance bus terminal.To date £6.7 million has been spent on two incomplete ferry terminals at Gills Bay and Burwick.Courtesy coaches run between Dunkirk's ferry terminal, town centre and hypermarket.After she had rolled the empty barrels back into the garage, she went inside and called the bus terminal.The other £3 million was spent on the three ferry terminals.positive/negative terminalPolarity Each battery has a positive and negative terminal.Operation of the dot key earthed the battery positive terminal, putting a negative potential on the signalling capacitor.The negative terminal is called the cathode and the positive is the anode.
terminalter‧mi‧nal2 ●●○ AWL adjective 1 DIEa terminal illness cannot be cured, and causes deathfatal terminal cancer2 (in) terminal declineterminally adverb terminally ill patients
Examples from the Corpus
terminalIs the disease terminal?Networks that exhibit the same terminal behaviour as some device, system or more complicated network are naturally known as equivalent circuits.terminal budsShe was recently told she has terminal cancer.Two years ago, his mother developed terminal cancer.Stopping it or even pausing it would have caused terminal embarrassment for everyone involved.Fremont Elementary was old and soiled, waiting for terminal erosion like the bits of tire debris that trucks leave on freeways.Ideally, some one with a terminal illness should at least have the right to work part-time as long as they are able.St Helen's Hospice cares for people with terminal illnesses.Other proposals concern the carry-back of unrelieved charges on income, and the carry-forward of terminal losses against income by individuals.One of these, designated B9, was expressed sparsely in terminal placenta and with varying levels in most other tissues.Many of the patients are in the terminal stages of the disease.
From King Business Dictionaryterminalter‧mi‧nal /ˈtɜːmənəlˈtɜːr-/ noun [countable]1a large building that is part of an airport, bus station, or port, where people wait to get onto planes, buses, or shipsYour plane leaves from Terminal 4.2COMPUTING a piece of computer equipment that consists of a keyboard and a screen, used as part of a network of computers that are all connected to each other or to one large computerA PC can work as a terminal on a network. dumb terminal intelligent terminalOrigin terminal1 (1400-1500) Latin terminalis, from terminus; TERM1