From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtelevisiontel‧e‧vi‧sion /ˈteləˌvɪʒən, ˌteləˈvɪʒən/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 [countable] (also television set formal)TCBDHTELEVISION/RADIO a piece of electronic equipment shaped like a box with a screen, on which you can watch programmes SYN TV Lucy turned on the television to watch the evening news. They have a television in every room.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say TV rather than television:What’s on TV tonight?2 [uncountable]TCBTELEVISION/RADIO the programmes broadcast in this way SYN TV In the evenings I like to relax and watch television.3 on (the) television4 [uncountable]TCB the business of making and broadcasting programmes on television SYN TVin television Jean works in television. a television film crewGRAMMAR: Patterns with televisionon (the) televisionYou watch or see something on television or on the television: We saw the game on television. You say that someone or something is on television or on the television: My friend was on television last night.There are a lot of quiz shows on the television. Don’t say: We saw the game in television. | My friend was in the televisionYou say that someone works in television, when they work for a television company: I’ve always wanted to work in television.COLLOCATIONSverbswatch televisionMum was in the lounge watching television.see/watch something on televisionShe saw the race on television.turn/switch the television on/offI switched off the television and went to bed.turn the television up/down (=make it louder or quieter)Rory had turned the television up so loud that the people next door complained.television + NOUNa television show/programmeHer favourite television programme was just starting.a television series (=a set of programmes with the same characters or subject, broadcast every day or every week)He starred in the popular television series, ‘Friends’.a television film/movie (=a film that has been made to be shown on television, not in a cinema)Ford appeared in several television movies.a television documentarya television documentary about an important public issue the television newsThere was nothing about it on the television news.a television screenBella’s eyes were fixed on the television screen.a television presenter British Englisha well-known television presentera television reporter/journalistGrant was interviewed by a BBC television journalist.a television producera BBC television producera television directorHe’s a very successful television director.a television (film) crewA television crew were allowed to film the meeting.a television actor/actressPeebles is best known as a television actor.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + televisionlive televisionThe accident was shown on live television.national televisionThe president went on national television to appeal for calm.satellite/cable televisionThey have a dish for satellite televisionthe switchover to digital televisionterrestrial television British English (=television that is not broadcast using a satellite or cable)Many of these matches are not available on terrestrial television.high definition/HD televisionhigh definition television channelsa widescreen televisionWidescreen televisions are getting more popular, especially in home cinema systems.a plasma/LCD televisionEach hotel room has a minibar and plasma television.a flat screen televisiona buyer’s guide to the latest flat screen televisionsa colour televisiona 32 inch colour televisiona black-and-white televisionThey had an old black and white television in the garage. THESAURUStelevision/TV noun [countable, uncountable] the piece of electronic equipment shaped like a box on which you can watch programmes, or the programmes that are broadcast using this. In everyday English, people usually say TVSometimes I don’t feel like doing anything except watching television.A lot of people use the Internet for watching TV.Can you turn on the television?the TV Guide in the newspaperThere’s nothing good on the TV.Our TV set (=television)isn’t working properly.the box/the telly British English (also the tube American English) noun [singular] informal a television, or the programmes that are broadcast on televisionCan you turn the telly down a bit?What’s on the box tonight?There’s nothing good on the tube.satellite television (also satellite TV) noun [uncountable] television programmes that are broadcast using satellites in space, and which you need a special piece of equipment to be able to watchDo you have satellite TV at home?You can watch the game on satellite television.a satellite dish (=the round thing that you put on your roof or the wall of your house in order to receive satellite television signals)terrestrial television television that is not broadcast by satellite or cableThe company has secured the rights to broadcast the Championship on terrestrial television.cable television (also cable TV, cable) noun [uncountable] television programmes that are broadcast by cable (=tubes containing wires that carry television pictures)The program was first shown on television (also digital TV, digital) noun [uncountable] programmes that are broadcast using digital signals, with more choice and better quality pictures than ordinary televisionThe switchover to digital TV will take place between 2010 and 2012.widescreen television (also widescreen TV) noun [countable] a television that is much wider than it is high, and wider than an ordinary television. Widescreen televisions are used for programmes that are broadcast using digital signalsThere was a massive widescreen TV in the living room.Widescreen TV is good for watching films.
Examples from the Corpus
televisionTelevision brings events like the Olympic games into millions of homes.a wide-screen TVAmerican television news programs are getting worse and worse.We shout our hatred of them at public forums and into radio and television microphones.a 36-inch televisionPeople who watch a lot of television are more likely to be heavy.the educational uses of televisionThe general public and those who watch our proceedings on television must wonder whether we are really fighting.The statement was aired for the first time in a recent television documentary on his life.Remember also to check the boiler and telephone, and the television and radio reception.He was sitting on the floor in front of the television.He groaned and turned off the television.Nothing else big was happening in the world and newspapers love to highlight problems that the television networks face.Each night I watch the television news.People, for instance, are comfortable with the way televisions and telephones televisionBlair has spent his entire career in television.
Origin television (1900-2000) French télévision, from télé- tele- + vision