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teenagerteen‧ag‧er /ˈtiːneɪdʒə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 (also teen informal) noun [countable] SSYYOUNGsomeone who is between 13 and 19 years old a TV sex education series aimed at teenagerssee thesaurus at child
Examples from the Corpus
teenagerI am considered to be fairly outgoing but as a teenager I was painfully shy.Handsome Gilbey has known Diana since she first moved to London as a teenager.River Phoenix became a famous actor while still a teenager.The Teesside-born star trained as a Methodist local preacher when he was a teenager in Middlesbrough, but is now an atheist.Imagine all the trouble hordes of tots and teenagers can get into with nothing to do all day but hang around.The survey shows that four out of five teenagers have experimented with illegal drugs.Gap stores has hired as its primary image-maker a man who helped convince thousands of teenagers to buy Calvin Klein perfume.Very often teenager girls become physically inhibited.Several teenagers have died after smoking or drinking the leaves or seeds of the datura shrub, found in woodland.Take time to talk to your teenagers.