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teamteam1 /tiːm/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun [countable] 1 PLAY A GAME OR SPORTa group of people who play a game or sport together against another group Which team do you support?in a team British English, on a team American English Bobby Charlton was in the team that won the World Cup.see thesaurus at group2 GROUP OF PEOPLEa group of people who have been chosen to work together to do a particular jobteam of a team of expertsmanagement/research/sales etc team a senior member of the design team Our success lies in working together as a team. It was a tremendous team effort. You need to choose a team leader.3 TTBtwo or more animals that are used to pull a vehicleGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Team is usually followed by a singular verb: Our team is winning.A team of doctors works at the clinic.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: Our team are winning.A team of doctors work at the clinic.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a group of people who play a game or sport together against another groupADJECTIVES/NOUN + teama football/basketball etc teamChina’s football team failed to qualify for the World Cup.the school teamI played for my school cricket team.the national teamHe coached the Italian national team.the home team (=the team whose sports field a game is being played on)Hayward then increased the home team’s lead.the visiting team (=the team who have travelled to their opponents’ sports field)The visiting team failed to score. the opposing teamA member of the opposing team grabbed hold of his shirt.the first team British English (=the team with the best players in a school, club etc)He has played several times for the first team.the second team (=the team with players who are not as good as those in the first team)He stepped up from the second team when Roberts was injured.the winning/losing teamEveryone on the winning team will get a medal. verbsplay for a teamHe wants to play for a better a team‘Which team do you support?’ ‘Chelsea.’captain a team (=be the captain of a team)James captained his school team from the age of eleven.make the team (=be chosen as a member of a team)He was never good enough to make the team.drop somebody from a team (=decide that someone should not play for a team)He has been dropped from the team because of + NOUNthe team captainThe cup was presented to the team captain.a team member/a member of a teamHe's the eldest team member.He was a popular member of the team.the team manager/coachWho do you think will be the next England team manager?a team game/sport (=one that is played by teams)In those days, girls didn’t play team sports.phrasesplay as a teamOne reason for the 49ers’ success is that they play as a team. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a group of people who have been chosen to work together to do a particular jobADJECTIVES/NOUN + teama management/research/sales etc teamThe design team has come up with a few ideas.a rescue teamHe was in the water for two hours before a rescue team arrived.a good/strong teamWe have a very strong sales team.a three-man/four-man etc team (=one with three, four etc people)About a month ago he hired a four-man team of personal trainers.a 10-strong/14-strong etc team (=one with 10,14 etc people)A six-strong team from the Transport Research Laboratory is at the crash + NOUNa team member/a member of a teamTeam members meet on a regular basis.a team leaderThe team leader will co-ordinate the work.a team effort (=when members of a team achieve something together)It was a great team effort and all the crew did a magnificent job.a team meetingHold team meetings to discuss problems.verbslead a teamShe was the doctor who led the surgical team.phraseswork as a teamYou have to learn to work as a team.make a good team (=work well together as a team)You and I make a good team.
Examples from the Corpus
teamThey wouldn't let me play in the village under-12 team because I'm a girl.The coins were discovered by a team of archaeologists.The Prime Minister works closely with a team of unelected advisers.I think the Yankees are one of the coolest baseball teams around.Both teams are looking tired now.Nasser Hussain, the England team captain, was injured in the game against the West Indies.a football team.Which football team do you support?Once you signed with a major league team, you were theirs in perpetuity to do with as they saw fit.Dr Gaultier and his medical team worked in the refugee camps for over a year.But the pre admission briefing means the medical team can get an early look at her ... and she at them!He had a hand-picked team whose sole function was to do just that.Pub quiz teams often have really silly names.The women's team were beaten 6-2.Over the past season, six teams have been knocked out of the No. 1 spot, North Carolina repeatedly.Peterson earned a place on the U.S. Olympic speedskating team.Walsh coached the team to two Super Bowl championships.There will be a meeting for all members of the team next Wednesday.Some of the team also had to play a couple of games up on stage.If you want to be on the team, you have to turn up for regular training.You're the best person on the team.And that will have a huge impact on this team.Tim played for the national youth team but never became a ofShe will be represented by a team of the nation's best lawyers.
teamteam2 ●●○ AWL verb [transitive] to put two things or people together, because they will look good or work well togetherteam something with something black trousers teamed with a bright shirt team up→ See Verb tableFrom King Business Dictionaryteamteam1 /tiːm/ noun [countable]HUMAN RESOURCES a group of people who work together to do a particular jobWe have recruited an excellent management team.teamteam2 verb team up→ See Verb tableOrigin team1 Old English young of an animal, group of animals pulling something