Word family noun teacher teaching teachings verb teach
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teacherteach‧er /ˈtiːtʃə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] SETEACHsomeone whose job is to teach, especially in a school a primary school teacherlanguage/history/science etc teacherteacher training/education (=professional training to become a teacher)THESAURUSteacher someone who teaches as their job, especially in a schoola high school teacherprincipal (also headteacher British English) the teacher who is in charge of a school or collegeThe teacher sent him to the principal’s office.tutor someone who gives private lessons to one student or a small group of students. In Britain, a tutor is also a teacher in a universityThey hired a tutor to help him with his English.Your tutor will help you find a subject for your essay.lecturer someone who teaches in a university or collegeUniversity lecturers aren’t very well paid.professor a teacher in a college or university. In Britain, a professor is a high-ranking university teacher, especially one who is head of a departmentShe was professor of linguistics at Cambridge University. instructor someone who teaches a sport or a practical skill such as swimming or drivingHe works as a ski instructor in the winter.a driving instructorcoach someone who helps a person or team improve in a sporta professional tennis coacheducator especially American English formal someone whose job involves teaching people, or someone who is an expert on educationMost educators agree that class sizes are still too big.trainer someone who teaches people particular skills, especially the skills they need to do a joba teacher trainerMany companies pay outside trainers to teach management skills to their staff.governess a woman who lived with a family and taught their children in past timesAs a governess, Charlotte Brontë received twenty pounds a year.
Examples from the Corpus
teacherShe's a teacher in the high school.I remember having some pretty awful teachers when I was at school.This year, the district hired 523 certified teachers.Edward Cody, a World Civilization teacher, kept a map of the world with pins marking his students' birthplaces.a conference for teachers of EnglishThe school doesn't have enough French teachers.Mrs. Sherwood was my first-grade teacher.Some governing bodies have been sensitive to this danger and have established committees and structures involving teachers other than the teacher-governors.But my teacher writes the stuff on the blackboard so quickly and then erases it before I can copy it all.It is a false hierarchy to pose teachers as more important than other staff.Satisfied with what be heard, he asked the teacher to be an intermediary between himself and the Kangs.The teacher's aid can give valuable assistance in producing specialised materials under guidance of the teacher or adviser.Figure 7.2 shows that as the age of the pupil increases, so the proportion of women teachers decreases.teacher training/educationWhat then does teacher education involve and how does it differ as a concept from teacher training?The successful programs also are easy for teachers to implement and include teacher training and support.Breaking the traditional mould of teacher training is not going to be easy.The greater part of the grant has in the past been to help finance our teacher training.At present teacher training is urban orientated.Educationists must modify or supplement teacher training courses soas to cater for those who will work in rural schools.We will undertake reform of the teacher training system to make it more effective in developing classroom skills.It includes but extends beyond their contribution to teacher education.