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tarifftar‧iff /ˈtærɪf/ ●○○ noun [countable] 1 PETa tax on goods coming into a country or going out of a countrytariff on The government may impose tariffs on imports.2 British EnglishDFBLIST a list of fixed prices charged by a hotel or restaurant, for example for the cost of meals or rooms3 British English a list or system of prices which mobile phone companies charge for the services they provide
Examples from the Corpus
tariffThird, the results clearly show the non-equivalence between tariffs and quotas in the presence of oligopoly.Secondly the lowering of trans-ocean communications tariffs may make global data pipelines nearly as cheap to operate as national networks.No one had risked more for tariff reform than he had in 1923.As a non-GATT member its goods generally faced higher tariffs and other trade barriers in world markets.Their customs union, known as Mercosur, took the final step last year toward eliminating most tariffs.Banana group Geest jumped 11p to 365p, boosted by recent tariff changes.The aim of the organization is to reduce tariffs and promote free trade.So Musser raised the tariff to $ 3.tariff onSome representatives recommended higher tariffs on imported goods.
From King Business Dictionarytarifftar‧iff /ˈtærɪf/ noun [countable usually plural]1TAXECONOMICS a tax on goods coming into a country or going out of itFrance and Germany imposed import tariffs on grain.Canadian retailers said that higher tariffs in Canada compared with the U.S. were contributing to higher prices on some goods sold in Canada. ad valorem tariff compound tariff customs tariff discriminating tariff import tariff multiple tariff protective tariff punitive tariff retaliatory tariff revenue tariff2FINANCECOMMERCE a list of fixed prices, especially ones that change, depending on the time, day etcTelephone tariffs are set by a government model to provide a 12% real rate of return.Origin tariff (1500-1600) Italian tariffa, from Arabic ta'rif list of money to be paid