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tarantellatar‧an‧tel‧la /ˌtærənˈtelə/ noun [countable] APDa fast Italian dance, or the music for this dance
Examples from the Corpus
tarantellaWhen I was a very young child, she would bounce me on her knee as she sang a tarantella.When I was a kid, I went to weddings where people danced the tarantella with some authority.The whole cast muster in the market place before breaking into extravagant variations of the tarantella.Massine's quicker more set version of the tarantella in La Boutique Fantasque shows exactly the same features as those listed above.I was the fifth grandchild, and as there were seven more after me, I stayed familiar with the tarantella.
Origin tarantella (1700-1800) Italian Taranto; because the dance was thought to be a cure for being bitten by a tarantula (TARANTULA)