tap dancing

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tap dancingˈtap ˌdancing noun [uncountable] APDdancing in which you wear shoes with pieces of metal on the bottom, which make a sound as you movetap dance verb [intransitive, transitive]tap dancer noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
tap dancingZach hesitated at first, but luckily some one who hadn't seen him do any tap dancing egged him on.Newcomers are welcome to the group next term - but only if they've had some experience of tap dancing.They're members of Wendy Jeffery's tap dancing class, and they just can't kick the habit.I did my usual tap dancing on the table, but actually had quite a good time.He thought that being an actor was tap dancing and playing the fool.For forty minutes Diana, dressed in a black leotard, went through a routine that combined ballet with tap dancing.