From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtalentedtal‧ent‧ed /ˈtæləntɪd/ ●●○ adjective GOOD AThaving a natural ability to do something wellgifted a talented actorsee thesaurus at skilful
Examples from the Corpus
talentedThe show has talented actors, but the writing is poor.The musicians are talented and enthusiastic about their new venture.Of course, this also means Dunston, played by an adorable and talented ape named Sam, gets all the laughs.The musical numbers were excellently performed by an extremely talented cast.He loved both the outdoor life and the companionship of genial and talented colleagues.It adds up to just what we might expect, in fact, from a talented, energetic and fashionably leftish folk-rock group.In this way the self-interested use of power can restrict the recruitment of talented individuals to highly rewarded positions.a talented journalistAfter that he would go to medical school and become a doctor who was also a handsome and talented musician and athlete.The Brazilian team includes some highly talented young players.