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tablewareta‧ble‧ware /ˈteɪbəlweə $ -wer/ noun [uncountable] formal DHDFUthe plates, glasses, knives etc used when eating a meal
Examples from the Corpus
tablewareThe cups and tableware were greasy.Next came forks and tableware in general that reflected good quality silver and occasionally gold crafted in artistic designs.Spode and Lenox are the best-known of the high-end tableware.On the domestic scene glass has for centuries been worked into fine tableware, chandeliers and ornaments.In the past this metal was often used for tableware and as a base for electroplating.Provençal green tableware, salt & pepper mills, utensils and condiments, from a selection at Divertimenti.In the past it was much used for teapots, milk jugs and other forms of tableware.Cornelia Park in the Stanford Shopping Center is a light-hearted store overflowing with eye-popping tableware, wildly painted dining furniture and glassware.