Word family noun system systematization adjective systematic verb systematize adverb systematically
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systemsys‧tem /ˈsɪstɪm/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 related parts [countable]SYSTEM a group of related parts that work together as a whole for a particular purpose an alarm system a well-designed heating system the digestive system the railway system2 method [countable]WAY/METHOD an organized set of ideas, methods, or ways of workingsystem of/for doing something We’ve got a good system for dealing with complaints from customers. I don’t understand your filing system.under a system Under the present system, we do not have any flexibility.3 computers [countable]TD a group of computers that are connected to each other The system has crashed (=stopped working).4 somebody’s system5 all systems go6 the system7 get something out of your system8 order [uncountable]ORGANIZE the use of sensible and organized methods We need a bit more system in the way we organize our files.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a group of related parts that work together as a whole for a particular purposeADJECTIVES/NOUN + system a heating system (=in a building)We’re waiting for the heating system to be alarm/security systemA new alarm system has been air-conditioning systemThe building hasn’t got an air-conditioning system.the rail/road system (=all the roads or railways in a country)Traffic problems are made worse by the country’s inadequate road system.somebody’s digestive/reproductive/nervous system (=in someone’s body)These vitamins are essential for a healthy nervous system.somebody’s immune system (=they system which keeps your body healthy)Some drugs can damage the immune system.verbsinstall a system (=put it into a building)Our security system is simple to install.a system worksThe air-conditioning system isn’t working.a system fails/breaks downIf your immune system breaks down, you will be vulnerable to infections. THESAURUSsystem an organized set of ideas, methods, actions etc that you use to do somethingthe airport security systemthe system for dealing with refugeesprocess a series of actions that are done in order to achieve a particular resultthe process of teaching children to readRepeat the same process, until all the sugar has dissolved.procedure the official or usually agreed way of doing somethingYou must follow the normal complaints procedure.Large companies have a standard procedure for informing new employees about conditions of work.formula a method or set of principles that you use to solve a problem or make sure that something is successfulThe team are hoping to use the same winning formula that they used last season.There is no magic formula for success (=a method that is certain to succeed). COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: an organized set of ideas, methods, or ways of workingADJECTIVES/NOUN + system effective/efficientIt was a highly effective system of communication.inefficientHe described the tax system as inefficient and unfair.complex/complicatedThe Australian health care system is extremely elaborate systemThe proposal has to get through an elaborate system of committees.the current/existing systemThe current system of taxation is unnecessarily complicated.the political/legal/educational etc systemThe country is rightly proud of its legal system.the economic/banking systemThere are fears that the whole banking system could collapse.the health care systemThe West should be helping these countries to develop modern health care systems.verbsdevelop a system (=create a new one)The Environment Agency has developed a new national flood warning system.introduce a system (=start to use it)The government has introduced a system of student loans.adopt a system (=decide to use it)They decided to adopt the electoral system used in Britain.use/run/operate a systemThey use a system of grades to evaluate each hospital’s performance.We operate a booking system.a system operates/works (=exists and is used)He tried to explain how the planning system operates.a system works (=is successful)The public needs to see that the complaints system works.a system breaks down/failsAn alarm sounds a warning before the system breaks down.a system collapses (=fails completely)The European Exchange Rate system collapsed in the 1970s. modernize/reform a systemWe need to reform the electoral system.phrasesa system of government/education/justice etcWhy was Britain so slow to develop a national system of education?
Examples from the Corpus
systemRyan thinks he's discovered a system for winning at roulette.They are introducing a system for dealing with enquiries from customers.a car alarm systemIts special factors should be recognised and it should have a regional banding system more reflective of its house prices.a democratic system of governmentMost teachers are opposed to recent changes in the education system.I work a lot more quickly now I've developed an efficient system of working.I do the cooking and Andrew does the shopping; it's an excellent system.They have quoted for linking the projector to our existing system.This could not be happening if the brain and immune system were separate entities.It gives us everything from our connection to the outside world to our artistic and intellectual systems.the U.S. legal systemWhat we need is a cheap and reliable system of public transportation.Florida's public school systemBut 60 percent of all Audis sold in this country are sold with that system.Our communications software tends to crash the system.If the system could not or would not forbid such questions, its survival depended on their being rendered incomprehensible.The system begins with almost no co-payments except $ 5 for each prescription.We're going to have to make some changes - this system just doesn't work.under a systemElections took place in May 1973 under a system of proportional representation and the new local authorities came into being.They voted 249-108 to allow hunting to continue under a system of self-regulation.The Cambridge public schools operate under a system of controlled choice.Is majority rule under a system of parliamentary democracy a sufficient guarantee of legitimacy?
From King Business Dictionarysystemsys‧tem /ˈsɪstɪm/ noun [countable] an arrangement or organization of ideas, methods, or ways of workingDeregulation has created worries about the stability of the country’s financial system.All staff will benefit from a well-run performance appraisal system. accelerated cost recovery system accounting system banking system card index system computer system database management system decision support system digital nervous system disk operating system economic system expert system filing system fixed instalment system Hay system imputation system information system just-in-time system kanban system legacy system legal system management information system monetary system open system operating system pull system push system reward system strategic information system see also European Monetary System, metric systemOrigin system (1600-1700) Late Latin systema, from Greek, from synistanai to combine, from syn- (SYN-) + histanai to cause to stand