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sweatersweat‧er /ˈswetə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 noun [countable] DCCa piece of warm wool or cotton clothing with long sleeves, which covers the top half of your body SYN jumper British English
Examples from the Corpus
sweaterIf you have the body of a sweater in cable strips you might leave the sleeves in stocking stitch.Inspired by the patterns of the Fair Isles, our beautiful sweater will make a fine addition to your wardrobe.Washington defenseman Brendan Witt attacked any blue sweater on the ice.Black and white thick chenille cropped sweater, £293.Her sweaters, which she had imagined quite bulky, proved in fact to be flat and few.Three slowly becomes obsessed with cooking, cleaning, nice sweaters and the little specks of food stuck between teeth.We take a look at some of the most sensational sweaters around.Sweetheart, let me button your sweater.
Origin sweater (1800-1900) sweat; because it was originally worn when doing exercise, to make you sweat