Word family noun swearing adjective sworn verb swear
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swearswear /sweə $ swer/ ●●○ S3 verb (past tense swore /swɔː $ swɔːr/, past participle sworn /swɔːn $ swɔːrn/) 1 offensive language [intransitive]SWEAR to use rude and offensive language Don’t swear in front of the children.swear at He turned round and swore at me.2 promise [transitive]PROMISE to promise that you will do somethingswear (that) Victor swore he would get his revenge.swear to do something Mona swore never to return home. Do you swear on your honour (=promise very strongly) that you will never tell anyone?see thesaurus at promise3 state the truth [intransitive, transitive] informalSAY/STATE to say very strongly that what you are saying is true I never touched your purse, I swear!swear (that) He says he was there all the time, but I swear I never saw him.swear blind British English (=say very strongly) She swore blind that she had never seen him before. I never touched her, I swear to God. I think it was about ten o'clock when we left, but I couldn’t swear to it (=I am not certain).4 somebody could have sworn (that) ...5 public promise [intransitive, transitive]SCTPROMISE to make a public official promise, especially in a court of lawswear on Witnesses have to swear on the Bible. Remember that you have sworn an oath and so must tell the truth. Presidents must swear allegiance to the US constitution.6 swear somebody to secrecy/silenceswearing noun [uncountable] He was cautioned for swearing. lots of shouting and swearing swear by something swear somebody ↔ in
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Examples from the Corpus
swearI've never heard her swear.New citizens are asked to swear allegiance during the citizenship ceremony.Not surprisingly, disruptive behaviour - shouting, swearing and general rowdiness - was sometimes evident.He swore angrily when he realized he'd missed the train.He swore at me to get out.Officers say the suspect swore at them and threw a punch.She swears blind that she never met the man.The plane flew so low that Geoff swears he saw one wing touch the top of a tree.In return for our consent, he swore he would give it up the day after he won the election.Yocum garnered 56. 3 percent of the vote Tuesday, and is expected to be sworn into office June 27.As a repentant sinner I pledge to swear off this hallucinogen.Major Roland Tuck swore peaceably under his breath.It was a mistake -- she swears that she didn't mean to do it.During the ceremony you swear that you will serve the country loyally.I swore to myself that I'd never do anything like it again.Do you swear to tell the truth?swear to do somethingThat means somebody who swears to false testimony in court to get Hearst control of another claim.Around my area, 50,000 men follow freemasonry and each has sworn to give his utmost allegiance to the Craft. 4.Those pictures on the wall - all originals, he would swear to it.After persuading her to dance with him, he swears to marry her.Theodor swears to me that he can do it in 45 minutes.Do you swear to tell the whole truth?Judge Jones had had a form of leukemia for several years when he was sworn to the bench in December 1994.She swore to Vilma that her father loved her with all his heart.Death's mercy has held off all too long, but now I swear to you this is ending.swear blindHis informant swore blind that the arms were still there.swear allegianceAll those present swore allegiance to Aenarion.Some employers tried to make potential participants swear allegiance to heterosexuality before they would pay their conference fee.Saving only the fealty which he owed to his father he swore allegiance to Philip against all men.They have sworn allegiance to the Warbutt now.
Origin swear Old English swerian