Word family noun survival survivor adjective surviving verb survive
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurvivorsur‧vi‧vor /səˈvaɪvə $ sərˈvaɪvər/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable] 1 SURVIVEsomeone who continues to live after an accident, war, or illnesssurvivor of Emergency help is needed for survivors of the earthquake. She was the sole survivor (=only survivor) of the massacre.2 SURVIVEsomeone who manages to live normally in spite of many problems Don’t worry about Kurt; he’s a survivor.3 someone who continues to live after other members of their family have died She was the last survivor of the family.4 a company that continues to be successful in spite of many problems The company hopes to be one of the survivors of this recession.
Examples from the Corpus
survivorShe had saved 146 survivors in all, from Southern Princess and from another ship as well.Survivors of the accident were rushed to the nearest hospital.As more is revealed, the audience begins to see Wendy as a survivor rather than a victim.So far rescue workers have found no sign of any survivors.Although she's had an extremely hard life, Tina Turner is a born survivor.The Nguyen survivor, Nguyen Anh, had fled to the island with his Tayson foes behind him.There were no survivors among at least 261 people on board.The next few days were filled with wire stories detailing the search for possible survivors.Shaken survivors milled about the lobby awaiting word on when they could leave Cairo.An eight-month-old baby girl was the sole survivor of a car crash that killed both her parents.Such survivors, after all, form by far the greatest proportion of patients with coronary disease.In 1984, the survivors were all females and although they laid capsules, no embryos hatched.Down below, the survivors emerge from their cars, cough once or twice, then forget all about it.Mention his name to these pre-war survivors and you hear a sound like soup sucked through clenched teeth.sole survivorThe cast's sole survivor from the great Minstrel days says that's a shame.I am the sole survivor of my family.General Electric is the sole survivor from the original index.Bumboy not only won: it was more or less the sole survivor.It is in this latter style that the sole survivor, 167 - has been restored for the Centenary celebrations.Stewart walked off with the look of one who was the sole survivor of a particularly nasty plane crash.The sole survivor, Barry O'Shaughnessy, 19, was seriously ill in hospital last night.
SurvivorSurvivor a television programme in which people compete with each other to try to win a very large prize of money. They are sent to a place where there are no other people, and where they are given special jobs to do. Each week the people there vote on who will leave the competition. This programme has been very popular in the US since 2000, and it has been done again several times in several countries. Britain and Australia tried doing similar programmes, but they were not successful and the programme is no longer broadcast in those two countries.From King Business Dictionarysurvivorsur‧vi‧vor /səˈvaɪvəsərˈvaɪvər/ noun [countable]1someone or something that continues to exist through a difficult or dangerous period of timesurvivor ofInvestors think they are the likely survivors of this economic downturn.2formal people in your family who continue to live after you have diedGive burial instructions; this can save your survivors thousands of dollars.