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surfsurf1 /sɜːf $ sɜːrf/ ●○○ verb [intransitive, transitive] 1 surf.jpg DSOto ride on waves while standing on a special board2 surf the Net/Internet surfer, surfing
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Examples from the Corpus
surfYou open a Beenz account and then surf about.So a user could be surfing the Net at warp speed while talking on the phone.Many youngsters spend hours surfing the net.We give them quizzes on Britain and allow them to surf the net.
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surfsurf2 noun [uncountable] HEOWATERthe white substance that forms on top of waves as they move towards the shore
Examples from the Corpus
surfFortunately it wasn't the usual Aussie surf!You will see groups of them clustered way out beyond the breaking surf waiting for the best waves.The initial report was: Child in surf.Then the rod-man screamed, arm pointing straight ahead at the surf.Again and again the lifeboat was thrown back by the surf.Ahead of them, Trent could hear the surf smashing on the reef, heavy now and threatening.If the surf is really big, it sounds like a constant low roar.He came out of the surf exhausted and starving and naked.
From King Business Dictionarysurfsurf /sɜːfsɜːrf/ verb surf the net/TV (channels)COMPUTING to look quickly at information on the Internet or at several different television programmes to find something that interests youYou can surf 35 home shopping channels and still not find what you want.surfer noun [countable]a website popular with Internet surfers→ See Verb table