Word family noun supposition presupposition adjective supposed verb suppose presuppose adverb supposedly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupposesup‧pose /səˈpəʊz $ -ˈpoʊz/ ●●● S1 W1 verb [transitive] SPOKEN PHRASES1 I suppose2 I don’t suppose (that)3 do you suppose (that) ... ?4 what’s that supposed to mean?5 suppose/supposing (that)6 be supposed to do/be something7 THINK SO/NOT BE SUREto think that something is probably true, based on what you know SYN presume There were many more deaths than was first supposed.suppose (that) What makes you suppose we’re going to sell the house? There’s no reason to suppose (=it is unlikely that) he’s lying.GrammarIn more formal English, you can say it is supposed that something is true: It is usually supposed that girls are less aggressive than boys.8 formalEXPECT to expect that something will happen or be true, and to base your plans on it The company’s plan supposes a steady increase in orders.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
suppose"What is this?" "It's one of Beethoven's violin sonatas, I suppose."They are looking for clues, I suppose.Upon my word, it looks as if my time today has not been so idly wasted as you suppose.Walking round the pond, I suppose.His government has lasted longer than his enemies supposed.The role of Churchill in the development of full employment policy is greater than has generally been supposed.There are many reasons to suppose that Shakespeare was familiar with the stories of medieval Italy.We have no reason to suppose that the girl is dead.I would have supposed that the question in Reg. v. Lawrence was whether appropriation necessarily involved an absence of consent.Or suppose that your husband gave you a cheque for £15,000; wouldn't that be worth a hug?He was supposed to be a temporary candidate in 1992, he said, to enable Perot to get on the ballot.How were they supposed to live?suppose (that)For example, suppose a researcher wishes to determine the influence of military service on later civilian earnings.If she didn't change it, I suppose Doogie could always poison it.After all his attention, Mattie supposed he would ask her to marry him.They say I had the vanity to suppose that I might marry him.This was supposed to be a set of professional fence-building equipment, but actually looked like a hoard of junk.He could pack a union hall, as no one in the seventies was supposed to be able to do.Suddenly I was forty years old and standing in the very place where my dreams were supposed to come true.This is all fine advice, and it is the way teaching all children is supposed to go.It is supposed to save money and impose some market discipline on bureaucracy's natural tendency to swell.
Origin suppose (1300-1400) Old French supposer, from Latin supponere to put under, substitute, from sub- (SUB-) + ponere to put