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suppersup‧per /ˈsʌpə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 noun [countable, uncountable] 1 DFMEALthe meal that you have in the early evening SYN dinner Why don’t you come over for supper on Friday? We had supper in a small Italian place. Have you eaten supper? For supper we had spaghetti. 2 British English a very light meal, for example a drink and a piece of cake, that you have just before you go to bed
Examples from the Corpus
supperSo after supper with the Miyako divers I went with Nina to check that he was all right.After supper we watched a video.At supper that night he tried to describe the experience to Kathy.About three weeks after I moved in, she invited me around to her flat for supper one evening.She was going to sell herself - she has sold herself by now - and would have sold me - for supper.We boil the rice and eat it cold with milk for supper.Dishy meals Whether you want inspiration for a light lunch or an impressive supper, we can provide it.After dark, I got under cover to cook my supper.I had my supper and went to bed.The suppers became a huge success.had supperI, too, went across the street to the hotel and had supper.They had supper by the fire, and went to bed.Afterwards, we had supper in the restaurant which adjoins the piazza and shares the wonderful view over Florence.We had lunch the next day, talked until supper, and then had supper.
Origin supper (1200-1300) Old French souper, from souper (verb); SUP