From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupervisionsu‧per‧vi‧sion /ˌsuːpəˈvɪʒən $ -pər-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable] IN CHARGE OFwhen you supervise someone or something The baby needs constant supervision.under somebody’s supervision Costumes and sets were also made under his supervision.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesclose/careful supervisionChildren were allowed out only under close supervision.strict supervisionBeginners should only attempt these exercises under strict supervision in a gym.constant supervisionYou need to be good at working alone without constant supervision.adequate/proper supervisionWhy had the parents not provided adequate supervision?medical supervisionVery low-calorie diets should only be followed under medical supervision.parental supervisionThe three boys often played outside without a lot of parental supervisionTrainees need direct supervision for at least the first week.personal supervisionHe was allowed to use the machinery without the personal supervision of the teacher.verbsneed/require supervisionI do not need constant supervision.provide supervisionThe tutors also provide supervision for research students.
Examples from the Corpus
supervisionLinks with other departments allow interdisciplinary support and supervision where nursing interests extend across disciplines.Such comprehensive supervision and reporting can actually reduce client costs, and relieve clients of the problems inherent in cleaning any premises.The argument that, with compulsory supervision, mentally ill people in the community may be offered better service is dubious.Therefore, detailed supervision was observed to be quite rare.The need for occasional supervision at least when working with the dying can not be overstated.It has been claimed that the role of parental supervision continued into the early mills.They still had staff supervision, but not enough.The local authority also undertakes supervision of children and this replaces the previous probation order.
From King Business Dictionarysupervisionsu‧per‧vi‧sion /ˌsuːpəˈvɪʒən-pər-/ noun [uncountable] the work of making sure something is done properly and according to all the rulesThe bank chiefs set up a subcommittee to coordinate policies onbanking supervision.He learned to flyunder the supervision of special airline instructors. see also Board of Banking Supervision