From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsunlightsun‧light /ˈsʌnlaɪt/ ●●○ noun [uncountable] LIGHTnatural light that comes from the sun The water sparkled in the bright sunlight.morning/afternoon/evening sunlight The garden looked lovely in the evening sunlight. Sunlight streamed (=came in large amounts) through the windows. a shaft of sunlight (=beam of sunlight)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + sunlightthe morning/afternoon/evening sunlightTheir armour glinted in the early morning sunlight.bright sunlightShe shaded her eyes against the bright sunlight.strong sunlightDon't expose babies under six months to strong sunlightThis plant prefers to be kept out of direct sunlight.dappled sunlight (=when sunlight comes through trees)the dappled sunlight of the forestthe fading sunlightWe sat in the fading sunlight of the early evening.verbssunlight streams/pours somewhere (=a lot comes in)Mabel pulled back the curtains, and sunlight streamed in.sunlight filters somewhere (=a little comes in)The canopy of leaves allows some sunlight to filter through.something shines/sparkles/glitters etc in the sunlightHis newly polished buttons glittered in the sunlight.phrasesa shaft/ray/beam of sunlightA shaft of sunlight illuminated the left side of his face.
Examples from the Corpus
sunlightSoot particles absorb sunlight very effectively but allow long-wave thermal radiation emitted by the earth to pass through unaffected.They slept, and when they woke again in the strong bright sunlight, Cristalena pinched him.Keep the plant out of direct sunlight.Years of sunlight had tanned him to the same mahogany brown as the island fishermen.Her long blonde hair was shining in the sunlight.Below, the water shuddered in the sunlight like foil.We emerged from the dark forest into the sunlight.The peacocks are startled out of the shade into the sunlight.Each shape was encircled with a gray aura that was an after image of the sunlight outside.Side effects may include vaginal thrush, sensitivity to sunlight and even depression or bowel problems.morning/afternoon/evening sunlightI was taking too long to say something reassuring, standing there blinking in the bland afternoon sunlight.It must be a junction, jerked and pulled, and strong shafting morning sunlight.The recollection of the summer evening sunlight coming through the large window behind the preacher's head evokes many nostalgic memories.The door was closed, the curtains drawn against the morning sunlight.The day was hot, the afternoon sunlight intense.Howard strolls up Sixth Avenue in the afternoon sunlight.In the morning sunlight Dent was no longer a fantasy but a solid and compact cluster of dwellings of a past age.After a short time I was walking, the morning sunlight on the dewy grass.