sulphur dioxide

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsulphur dioxideˌsulphur diˈoxide British English, sulfur dioxide American English noun [uncountable] HCSGPa poisonous gas that is a cause of air pollution in industrial areas
Examples from the Corpus
sulphur dioxideApart from general operating conditions, it has set emission limits for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.This stipulates that emissions of sulphur dioxide must be cut to 10 million tonnes below 1980 levels by the year 2000.Findings include: Some 600 million people live in urban areas where the average level of sulphur dioxide pollution endangers their lives.Levels of sulphur dioxide in the air reached 2,400 microgrammes per cubic metre over the weekend.The fires produced 20,000 to 40,000 tonnes of sulphur dioxide as well as many thousands of tonnes of oxides of nitrogen.Much progress has been made countrywide to reduce sulphur dioxide levels, which have fallen by nearly half since 1970.The sulphur dioxide level in Belfast was 32 parts per billion while the nitrogen dioxide level was 48.